Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lest the title should scare you as to content, keep in mind that my daughter reads this........ After being together for over 30 years, I realize that we have reached a whole new level of intimacy. This revelation came to me last night as I was plucking love of my life's ears. I leaned in close (he didn't have his glasses on) and asked if it was time for me to use a hair remover on my upper lip. No way would I have done this during the first two decades of marriage! During those years I tried to hide all my imperfections, physical imperfections, that is. Now I am perfectly comfortable handing the tweezers to him and letting him pluck that ugly black hair from my chin. This is the man who has seen me give birth to his children........ so why was I hiding that roll of fat that resembles a flesh inner tube? Is it because I have reached a certain age? Maybe. When I turned 50 I didn't feel old or depressed. I felt free to speak my mind. I can't wait to be 80. You can share all your thoughts with the world and everything is forgiven because you are old! I worked for a short time in a pharmacy before we deluded ourselves into thinking owning a campground would be fun. I remember one of the customers, an adorable little old lady in her 80's, telling me she only wanted a one week supply of her medications. I was worried that she couldn't afford them, so I gathered some literature that provided information about free prescriptions through the manufacturer. She laughed and took my hand between hers and said, "Oh, honey, I have plenty of money. But, I could die anytime and I don't want to waste my money on drugs." I think she and I could have been great friends as I tend to have some rather bizarre thoughts myself. At least this is what my kids tell me.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Brilliant! What a great story. I am 51 and I say what I want and believe me, no one lets me off the hook just yet so I can see what you mean about being 80 and getting away with it. The menopause has loosed my tongue to the point you would think I had Tourrete Syndrome. I no longer suffer fools gladly - in fact I hang them out to dry! Naughty old me! Love the logic of your lovely 80 year old wise lady.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Ahh, sweet menopause. I am done with that, but I think that is what loosed my tongue! It is hard to be civil during an intense hot flash.

Jilly said...

I almost didn't read this one :)