Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The ground is covered with snow. I like snow, I really do. It is beautiful. More than that, it is like a big white blanket that hides all the ugliness of winter. It is a great insulator, too. That is if you live far enough north that the snow covers the ground consistently throughout the months of winter. Unfortunately, I don't. The snow that is so lovely today will be gone within two days and will leave in it's wake all the ugly brown grass and dead leaves and in our park all the evidence of busted pipes. I dread Spring this year. Every time it freezes here we have another pipe burst. Drew plugs the leak, the another pipe bursts and off he goes to buy another apparatus to plug off the next leak. This does not bode well for the future. Add fixing the all these pipes to the thousand other springtime chores that await us...... I am not feeling particularly positive at this time. Good thing I am headed north this weekend. Perhaps this will give me a new perspective on things. I will hug and hold all my grandchildren and that should give that positive outlook I need!

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