Monday, January 5, 2009

When we bought this RV park we pretty much kept all the existing vendors. The first to go was the ice vendor. They would only deliver at their convenience and their price was high. I negotiated a much better deal with a small local company and the service is 100% better. Since I am the one to handle most of the day to day business I feel pretty comfortable about it. I don't, however, fill LP tanks for customers. I don't know how, don't want to know how and refuse to learn. It is dangerous! I am a woman, a delicate being. I don't even put fuel in my vehicle unless I absolutely have to. I can, however, smell a leak. I know what I am smelling and it is not my imagination. So, for four years I have been harping away about the smell by the big tank that is used to dispense LP into RV's and tanks. They did come out to check it at my insistence and they reported to my husband that the leak was in the dispensing equipment. Another year went by and nothing was done. Every time I told Drew to do something about it he assured me that he would "take care of it". Finally, after realizing just how much money we were losing due to the leak and hearing another park owner's rate from another company Drew decides to actually "take care of it"...........or so I thought. He calls and meets with the salesman and gets fantastic rates and assurance that he will even call our current vendor and coordinate the removal of the old equipment with the delivery of the new. Sounds great. We had been paying the same rate for the dispensing tank that we were paying for the tank supplying the residence. This company was offering $1.39 for the dispense tank and $1.90 for the other-----we had been paying well over $2.00. This is all great in theory. I say that becuase this was all supposed to come about over a month ago. I would be going along handling all the things a lady of my standing does and would realize when a customer would ask to have a tank filled that not only did I not do that, but that Drew had not followed through and nagged the salesman sufficiently to get the job done. Sadly, I have come to realize that I have to nag Drew to motivate him to nag others. It all came to a head today. Once again, I had to turn a customer away because I have no LP. Drew assured me that he was "taking care of it". I found a business card of another company and called them myself ( I know, why didn't I do that in the first place). I told them that I was unhappy with the service and price I am currently paying and asked if they could do better. I got the $1.39 price for all the LP and a promise for delivery on Monday! I explained to the representative that I spoke with that I would expect her to make sure that all of her promises would come to pass or I would make her life a living hell. See, it's not that hard to get things done.

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