Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Alone

I slipped in the shower today and almost fell, I was alone (well, the dogs were here, but doubt they could do anything to help) and it got me thinking......should I not shower when I am alone in the house? I later found out that the love of my life had come in and heard me, but didn't think he should check on me. More pondering...maybe I should just be extra careful. If I did fall and break something that would prevent me from getting myself out of the tub and into clothes, who would eventually find me? I would hope it would be Drew and not some stranger responding to my screams. I think about things like this, much to the annoyance of Drew. Can't help it, I just wonder about things that could happen, you know. I wonder how many people fall in the tub and have to be rescued by EMS, that would be so awful. But, again, I am wondering if Drew could get me out of the tub without help. I know I couldn't get him out without help. But he could put some clothes on me, couldn't he. I would put clothes on him. Maybe we should get that tub for senior citizens with the door on it. But how would you wash your hair in that? Can you shower in that, too? Just wondering, just wondering. Can't help it...........

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