Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's For Dinner

My husband is "off" today. He works part-time so that we may be able to afford health insurance and we are thankful for this job that allows full benefits for only 24 hours a week. Winter is cold and no one really camps or RV's this time of year. You would think we would enjoy spending time with each other..... All we do is eat and plan the next food encounter. We have have at least two more months of inertia and I am already bored with it. This is what prompted me to want to re-arrange my kitchen. My own true love is building more cabinets for me. The challenge is to use what is on hand and re-use any materials left from removing old cabinets. As I have mentioned before, we rarely see the plan the same way. I am thinking we are measuring with two different systems (we aren't, it just seems that way). We don't seem to be in sync at all. If he sits down to watch TV and I decide to join him, he leaves to go cut a piece of wood. Thinking this is a cue to get back on task, I will start unloading a cabinet or other prep work and in comes the carpenter to grab his keys to go run an errand. This means that nothing in the kitchen is in order. Canned goods are every where and even though I tried very hard to coordinate the relocation of goods, I have failed miserably. In the midst of all this comes the inevitable question, "what's for dinner?". Talking to a friend last night she mentioned that she had lost 11 lbs. I told her I had lost my mind, but I didn't think it weighed anything...........

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