Saturday, November 10, 2018

My Vacuum Does Not Suck!

I have been busy painting. Getting packed and ready to go. Each new one is my new favorite!

The flip side. You get these out in the fall and don't have to put them away until after Christmas. D├ęcor for the lazy ……

This guy just needs the bolts for his neck.

Since they will show on the flip side, just hang more bells.

It snowed yesterday. Looks like a postcard.

I love the wet snow on the trees, looks like Christmas.

Can you see the tree in the road to the left behind the pool pump house? That heavy wet snow was a bit too much. Not all of that tree was still alive and I had been nagging encouraging the men here to trim the dead limbs. I know they were over 12' high, but they all just looked at me strangely and snorted. Not everyone likes a good challenge, I suppose. Mother Nature must have heard me and those limbs are no longer a problem.

While the chainsaws buzzed, I tackled my house and store. Don't want to come home to a dirty house. I had a plan. I started the laundry, then swept and mopped the entire house. Second load of laundry, then I put the rugs down and sprinkled that Arm and Hammer freshening stuff on the two biggest rugs. Let that sit while I tackled the kitchen and watered all the house plants.

Watering is not as simple as it may sound. All the hanging baskets and potted plants that grace the outdoors are inside. While that is a whole bunch, I also house camper Andrea's plants. And this year, camper Sharon added some really big trees in pots. The extra retail space is filled with plants. Every window in the store has a group and the extra room has grow lights for the dark corners. It looks a little suspicious with those funky grow lights on. I have shelves in front of my kitchen window and the small window in our sitting area. All full of house plants that will be released to the great outdoors come Spring.

We have a good oxygen supply in here. So, after hauling gallons of water to all the plants, I pulled out the vacuum and started on the rugs. I noticed that it wasn't picking up as well as it should, so I vacuumed slower. The dogs were not thrilled when they saw me plug the machine in. Wall-E jumped up into a chair and gave me the stink-eye. Eddie likes to challenge the machine and was running along side and Toni Louise was making sure the vacuum did not hurt the youngest of her pack. Cujo was on my heels, his usual spot.

I was coughing and all the dogs were sneezing. The beater bar was working, but nothing was being sucked up. I turned it off and looked in the collection container. Nothing was in it and there was a fluffy cloud of dog hair all around me. I would say that my vacuum cleaner sucks, but it didn't and that was a problem.

HeWho was done playing with the chain saw, so he took the machine out to his barn to use the air compressor. After determining that nothing was caught up in the hose, he brought it back and I heard him try it out in the store. Since I was not using the hose, I already knew that was not the problem. So, HeWho popped that vacuum up on the registration counter and took out the filters.

He left the vacuum, the dirty, dusty vacuum, sitting right there on the registration counter. The first thing you see when you enter the store, the place you fill out the registration and pay for purchases. I was less that thrilled when I discovered this ……. when a couple came in to pay for a propane tank. The upright vacuum dominated the space and all around it was dirt and dog hair. I did what I always do and smiled a big smile before announcing that my husband was special.

I finished my chores and sat down to paint some more.


Val said...

Not trying to point the finger, but HeWho, in this case, is the reason we can't have nice (clean) things! Only sucky things that don't suck when they're supposed to. I hope he finishes this repair project before spring. I'm sure he means to.

Joanne Noragon said...

Amazing what people don't see.

RunNRose said...

When I saw the title, I had a.big laugh. So many things in this world do "suck", but your vacuum doesn't!
Hope your vacuum gets repaired. Your signs are fun!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Vacuum's that don't suck, suck.............
We often take our vacuum's for granted until they stop working how they should.
I liked the signs and would like to have them in my yard

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love your signs, Have some fence boards and think I'll do some. I saw this and thought of you. To use on yours.
"Snowmen Fall From Heaven Unassembled" Isn't that cute.
Barb, Montreal Canada

River said...

Hi, I'm River, dropped in via Val's Hillbilly Mansion. I love your painted boards, I think they're a terrific idea and may mention them to my ex who likes to paint things. Maybe I'll have a couple unexpectedly turn up in my small garden.
My vacuum is still new so still sucks, thankfully. Hope yours is fixable and you don't have to buy a new one.

Unknown said...
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