Thursday, November 1, 2018

I Love Signs

The weekend is over. Oktoberfest 2018 is behind us. I have more time to do things I want to do. Well, if  I could use my left arm, I could.

I have been painting signs. Christmas and fall signs. I did this one a couple of weeks ago. I love the elf, he is so cute. He looks like he should be in a tree baking cookies.

I rescued these boards from the burn pile. The men looked at me like I was losing my mind. They lack vision!! Still denied the use of a saw (I might cut my finger off) I got creative with what "tools" I had at my disposal. I scored it with a blade and then with a screw driver before I held it against the counter and popped off the part I no longer wanted. Of course I saved it just in case I find a new use for it. The men finally took pity on me and every morning Kevin (aka my wife) checks with me to see if I need anything cut.

The finished product turned pretty good! Those witches look mean and the scare crow looks , well, scared. 

More cedar boards and odd fence boards. The hardest one was the pumpkin/moon scene. That one took up a whole day, with letting the paint dry in between new colors. It is spoken for, along with the "Hocus Pocus". I am partial to the cat and the spider. That cat has a weird forehead. If Martha, the boy cat, looked like that from a side view we would pay the vet a visit!

But, wait!! A secret lies behind those Halloween signs ………

They are reversible!! Two signs in one. I will be loading up any I don't sell here and taking them south. Our cousin (who is like a sister) in Georgia is a crafty lady herself. She does candles and candle melts, while her other half peddles his various wares at craft shows. I have her candles in my store and she has some of my signs to haul around and display for me.

If you ever find yourself in the deepest most southern part of the state of Georgia look for Casual Candles by Doris. She lives in Blackshear, Georgia. You can find her on Facebook, as well. I have some campers who swear by her stuff!!


Val said...

I like the pumpkin/moon best, but the cat/bat/spider is a close second. I never noticed the cat's head until you mentioned it. Too much other stuff going on to catch attention.

dkzody said...

You are just so clever. I love your signs, and if I was close by, I'd drive over and get some.