Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What Else Can Go Wrong?

Yesterday, on my Walmart shopping spree, pleather was not the only big find. Peeps. Cotton candy peeps. Two things I really like, all in one. Like Reeses did with chocolate and peanut butter. I like mine stale. Chewy. I bought myself a treat and opened them immediately when I unloaded the groceries and all my other purchases, so that air could reach them.

Maybe I should have walked on by. They did a number on my digestive system. Sugar (massive sugar) should not be indulged just prior to bedtime. I know this, having been a mother and old enough to know better. But, I did it anyway. I had a miserable night. My own fault.

Martha, the boy cat was illusive last night and avoided capture. HeWho is not as persistent as I am, and just left the cat inside. He woke me in the pre-dawn hours and I had to stumble out of my warm covers to accommodate his release to the great outdoors. The canines let me snooze until 8:00 (7:00 real time). Still feeling wonky, I discovered an ant invasion in the bathroom. How do they get in?? They were in the medicine cabinet circling the toothbrush of HeWho had put one of those ant traps there when he discovered the problem the night before. Without ever mentioning this to his wife.

The trap seemed to be a beacon to all the ants in the world and the cabinet was alive with ants. I went the harsh chemical route and killed them with spray. Fully awake by now, I went to grab some coffee. The Keurig was blinking at me, telling me that I needed to do maintenance. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. I did get my coffee, but it is blinking again. Fortunately I had already purchased the descaler solution. I do not use water from the faucet, only bottled water, so why would it need maintenance? The solution was over $12!! Just think how many pleather leggings that would buy!!!

Hot coffee in hand I sat down to check e-mail and phone calls that happened in the night. I pushed the button to turn on the TV. Nothing happened. I left that for HeWho still slept.

I decided to get the laundry started. I discovered that after the pipe burst and flooded the entire area after the last water issue that HeWho made the mess did not clean up the mess. Pipes are laying willy-nilly everywhere and every item that could become a vessel to hold water was still holding water. I walked out.

Maybe I should go back to bed.


Joanne Noragon said...

Good thing you can tolerate anything!-NOT!

RunNRose said...

Wow. The 13 th really was unlucky for you!! I am A LOT harder to live with than you are.

Too bad. You seemed so upbeat yesterday, but the mood sure got squashed today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
I enjoy your blog.

Val said...

Well...at least you had the PEEPS! I might add that I, too, succumbed to the call of the Cotton Candy PEEPS! SOOOO delicious. They did not affect me adversely. I did not expose mine first, though. They were soft and stretchy, just the way I like. This is making me want MORE!

I guess Even Steven thought the pleasure of the PEEPS was too much for you... Now the other calamities have more than balanced out his tally sheet, so you should look for good things coming up.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh my one thing after another