Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Day Is Not Going Well

I am profoundly irritated. I am on my prohibited second cup of coffee. My crazy beating heart will just have to suck it up today.

A storm blew through in the night. We lost power right around midnight .... just long enough to make it necessary to reset all the clocks. I was up at 1:30 with my old guy, Oscar. He was in want of water. I looked outside to see the ground was wet. Went back to bed and slept peacefully until the power went out again around 5:30 am.

HeWho cannot sleep (or so he says) without a fan. Not for cool breezes, mind you, but for the white noise. I tried a white noise machine for him, but for him there is nothing quite so relaxing as the cheapest loudest box fan he can find. I call it the great vortex. I confess that I, too am lulled by the sound after 42 years.

I awoke immediately when we lost power and could see the first hints of dawn as I peeked out the window. I managed to drift in a fitful sleep until I felt the bed move and heard the voice of HeWho thinks the world runs on his schedule. "Did the power go out?" I wanted to say, 'no, I got up and ran quickly through the building and turned off all the appliances to trick you', but wanting to catch a few more winks, I simply said yes.

It was not even 7 o'clock. He threw his clothes on and left. The canine contingent and I fell back into a restless sleep. I pictured HeWho fancies himself to be a master electrician climbing the poles to restore power. This made me giggle, because I knew he was on his way to McDonald's for his biscuit fix and some on tap Diet Coke.

The dogs heard him as he was coming back and I gave up and got up. Alas, the power outage extended to his biscuit making joint and he was bereft. I had no coffee, but you didn't see me acting like it was the end of the world!

This is not why I am irritated, though. At barely 7 am the parade of campers eager to let us know that the power was off started. They could not call us, because the land line depends on electricity to function. I count this as a good thing. A late arrival came up and informed HeWho was dressed, I was still in my night gown, that they had arrived around midnight and our sites had no power, so they were not going to pay for their stay. As they were relaying this, the power was revived. It was only off for about 2 hours.

That was enough of an irritation, but what really has me foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog ..... is that HeWho failed to collect the money because he was in such a hurry to rush back to McDonald's for his biscuit and magic elixir (according to Hillbilly Mom). He was rushing back to his car as he told me which site they were occupying. I suppose he thinks I can run back and forth to see when they leave and then put my formidable face on and stand between them and the exit.

Thus far, the day is not going well.


Hillbilly Mom said...

Sorry you are having power problems (in more ways than one, it seems), but do not begrudge HeWho his magic elixir! I have just returned from Oklahoma, and had two days of headaches UNTIL I took an aspirin and several swigs of my MAGIC ELIXIR! Sure, the aspirin would like to take credit, but like those two acetaminophens couldn't hack it, I assume the same for poor ol' aspirin. Nothing magic there!

Linda O'Connell said...

I hope things get better over there. A dunking tank and this, too? When will you get a break?