Thursday, August 11, 2016

I Can Hear You Now

The trip to the ear doctor was great! I was there for all of 5 minutes. Settled in the most uncomfortable chair, was tilted back and my ear released all it's wax to the vacuum. Suddenly I could hear. Amazing that stool softener could do that.

Doubts about the treatment aside, I am now wondering what they do with all the ear wax? Has to be a lot of ear wax gathered every day. Maybe they should try for the Guinness world record for the biggest wax ball. Or, they could sculpt a giant ear from all the wax ..... I would wear gloves.

I had a wonderful day away from the park. I lunched, I gossiped and I shopped. The clearance section, of course. As the man in Walmart told me last week when I inquired about the location of pool supplies .... it is back to school! So, the summer merchandise was on sale and my household was in want of parmesan cheese and apple cider vinegar.

I left for home as the wind was picking up and the sky was darkening. Lightning split the horizon and I braced myself for the drive home. I hate to drive in rain. As I sat at the last traffic light I would encounter, knowing I would not make the light because I was so far back in the line, I texted HeWho will drive through any storm unfazed and alerted him that the traffic was bad and giant drops of rain were pummeling my windshield. So he could worry about me. I am a sharing sort of person.

It rained fast and hard. The traffic on the interstate crawled along at 40 mph and a lot of people had pulled onto the shoulder to wait out the storm. I kept moving, figuring I would never be able to safely merge back on should the rain let up. About 9 miles from home the rain stopped and clear skies prevailed. Nary a drop did fall on my kingdom.

Now that I can hear, I can go back to my favorite hobby of wondering about things. Things like people who will drive through rain coming down so hard, you have zero visibility, but they don't  bother to turn their lights on. As if, all is well as long as they can see others. That was the white car in front of me. I stayed well back, but at times I would lose sight of the vehicle and just hope they had not suddenly slowed.

By far the worst was the tow truck I passed while during a break in the rain. There was a car on the truck and another car being towed behind. No lights on the tow car and the truck flew passed me in the rain ....... with no lights on. I could barely make out his turn signal on his truck. I was so happy when I got home safe and sound ...... and hearing. I can hear again!!


Joanne Noragon said...

Keep that doc close to your heart! Years ago I was scheduled for a hip replacement the following week but my Pc would not release me because the tail end of an ear infection rendered me deaf. My ENT put me in a chair and told me to follow his directions exactly. I put a bit of water in my mouth. I was to swallow it the instance he said to do so. I did, and he had held one nostril shut and puffed a squirt of air up the other. I could hear. Magic. The pc had to release me for surgery. Ha!

Val said...

Stool softener, you say? Does that make you a butt-head?

Linda O'Connell said...

Stool softener in your ear
...or mouth? Glad you can hear again. Geese that drive was a fright!

Linda O'Connell said...

Stool softener in your ear
...or mouth? Glad you can hear again. Geese that drive was a fright!