Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Piece Of Cake

No. I did not disappear from the earth ...... I have been a busy little bee.

My son and his three girls are coming this Thursday. I have been patting myself on the back, having solved the sleeping situation by putting them in the motor home. Easy to clean, what with it being pretty much empty, just some clean bedding and towels. We do have two bedrooms. The extra room has a king bed and we could easily accommodate everyone in here, but we only have one bathroom.

Last week, the girls and I had a face time session. After they got over the fact that Gramma didn't even have make-up on ( I suppose I must have looked bad?), they exposed the real reason for the call. They thought it would be fun to surprise me and bring along two friends. Not only would that stretch my bedding situation, but ...... have you ever been around that many girls?

I guess the Duggars have. My experience with girls is that you can have two, even four, but an odd number will always leave one on the outs and there will be drama and tears. Besides that, I want to spend time with my grands, not their friends. Selfish? Maybe, but I don't get to see them much.

After a chat with my son, the idea of bringing friends was vetoed. And this is when he told me that his mother-in-law was coming to help with the driving. Jeff tends to get sleepy when he is driving (that's a scary thought!), so Gramma Barb volunteered. I love my co-Gramma and am looking forward to seeing her. I am as excited to have her here as I am to have the girls here.

But, this changes the sleeping situation. The RV has a nice queen bed and the sofa folds out into a bed, as well as the dining booth. I was thinking I would just clean up my extra bedroom and put Gramma Barb in there.

I carefully opened the door to the room that has not been occupied for quite some time. It has become the dumping ground for suitcases and all manner of the things I "will get to later". I could not see the surface of the bed. Not much floor, either.

I am having some dental surgery Thursday morning, so that day will be lost. I would have preferred not hearing the details of the quest to remove the wisdom tooth that is making my ear hurt. He decided there was no reason not to take care of the molar residing under the wisdom tooth at the same time. He blocked out an hour to devote to my torture. After he explained that he planned to break each tooth in half before doing a little cutting to get them out, I stopped listening. I HATE to go to the dentist. I grabbed the prescription for the Vicodin and promised to take one before I arrived Thursday morning.

So, time is limited. I have finished the RV and decided that Gramma Barb and two of the girls could occupy the RV. Jeff and one girl (they can rotate) will stay in the house with us. This way, I don't have to be as particular about the cleaning of the spare room. I can now see about 3/4 of the top of the bed!! Tomorrow I will be exposing the rest of the bed and putting nice clean sheets on it. Then I will carefully stack all the stuff I plan to get to "later" and vacuum and dust. Already cleaned the bathroom. Just need to build a lasagna and mop the entire house. Piece of cake!

I will be making a nice apple cake or two, as well. Staying busy will take my mind off the dentist and I owe some cake to some of my favorite campers. The apples are ripe and ready to pick and I will soon have three helpers!


carol pavlik said...

You are so right about kids in odd numbers. After several bad experiences with three I have put my foot down. Two or four but not three.

Anonymous said...

Our daughter, an only child, always got to take a friend on our trips so as to have someone her own age to do things with. Your granddaughters will have each other.

Joanne Noragon said...

I love my co-gramma too. We are so lucky.

Val said...

Don't fret over the sleeping arrangements. Let them eat cake!

Linda O'Connell said...

You are going to be so busy. Have fun.

Linda O'Connell said...

You are going to be so busy. Have fun.