Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Big Girls Don't Cry

There I was, going about my day. I had already fueled up the old brain with caffeine and my mind was prioritizing all the things that needed to be done. I swept the front porch and as I was entering the store to put away the broom, I peeked in the drop box and saw a couple of registration envelopes.

I stowed the broom and opened the inner door of the drop box and stuck my hand in the retrieve the envelopes. As I pulled my hand out, I felt something sting my middle finger. I flung the envelopes to the floor and saw that it was a wasp. I grabbed the Afterbite and applied it to the sting, making sure the stinger was no longer there. Not a good way to start the day.

I didn't let a little sting get in my way, though. I went on about my business. I have a house to ready for company! The good thing about having company is that it forces one to clean house!! As you all know, I would rather be in my gardens. I can clean house come winter!

I did the minimal chores inside, the ones that cannot be denied. Laundry was hanging on the line with a gentle breeze blowing and I let myself be pulled to my vegetable beds. Someone gave a roll of underlayment for asphalt roads to HeWho willingly accepts such. I found it to be a wonderful product to use between the raised beds. I have gravel there, but weeds and grass will grow despite the lack of soil.

There is a large area between two of the beds. Big enough to drive a small car through. I put this underlayment on that area in Spring and it has remained weed and grass free. It is not slippery to walk on when wet and I can toss the weeds I pull from the beds on it and they will dry and not take root. I had a scissor at the ready and I was happily covering the space between the last raised bed and the feeding troughs that were gifted to me and I also use as really raised beds. There was a ladder leaning there against the troughs and I moved it to complete my tasks ......

I disturbed another bed of nasty wasps. The first sting was on my fifth finger on the same hand that was violated earlier in the day, then another one got me on my ear! I ran to the Afterbite, but it provided little relief. I tried baking soda and every remedy I could think of. The burning did not let up and my hand started to swell. My finger looked like a sausage and I was miserable.

Not miserable enough to stay inside. I grabbed the wasp spray I keep on my desk and marched back out to murder the little beasts. They had a big nest on the inner leg of the ladder. Had. They are gone now. I finished my task and mowed my back yard. I am a big girl and big girls don't cry!!

I had a miserable night with the stings. They itched like crazy and more than once I woke up to scratch. I fed myself Benadryl all night and slathered the Benadryl gel on my ear and hand. The label warns one not to do this, but I was absolutely miserable and wanted to sleep!

The first sting has not bothered me at all, but the last stings have had me itching for three days now. When I woke after overdosing on Benadryl, my hand was huge. I could not make a fist and the itch was insane. My ear was bright red and was sticking out from my head like Dumbo, the elephant. Puffy, it was. That last nest of wasps must have been a nasty strain of killer wasps.

After three days of ice and more Benadryl, I am almost normal ... what ever that is.


Val said...

Saturday we stopped by the mailbox, and Hick reached in and yanked his hand back. He swatted at it with the other hand, then closed to mailbox door!

"What were you doing?"

"There's a big nest inside, right above the mailbox door."

"And you didn't knock it out? I have to get the mail now every day."

"Nah. It's dried out. Nothing in it."

So he says.

Anonymous said...

Cortisone cream, .05%, is better than Benadryl cream. Found this out after being attacked by some sort of biting bugs. We have red spider mites here that are just awful so I'm assuming that's what got me. Think I got a spider bite on the side of my foot. It's been a terrible summer. Also, if you take Benadryl tablets, take a Pepcid along with it. Learned that this summer, too.

Linda O'Connell said...

My daughter went to ER because of her reaction to wasp stings. Love outdoors. But not bugs.

Linda O'Connell said...

My daughter went to ER because of her reaction to wasp stings. Love outdoors. But not bugs.