Saturday, August 6, 2016

Blind, Deaf and Dumb

This is my 12 hour day. The longest day of my week. Made even longer when one does not feel good. I am off balance, sometimes a little dizzy.

It is the drops in the ear. My ear aches. Not unbearable, but just there. Made the mistake of taking some pain medication I found lingering in the pill box. A pharmacist told me once that you could take pills one year beyond the expiration date and they would just be less effective, but not degraded. This one was still effective. Took three naps yesterday. I was not very effective. Now I have that "hangover" feeling.

It rained some more. Yesterday morning I looked out my window and saw that my vegetable garden was under water. The banana tree is quite happy with all the water and I spied two ripe peaches on the ground.

I have been keeping an eye on these peaches, the only peaches I will get this year. They are usually ripe and picked by the fourth of July. This year had such weird weather and I have just a handful of peaches starting to turn color. A group of three were in the highest branch and I had pondered a ladder to reach them. My wacky ear situation prevented me from climbing and I would forget about asking HeWho is not afraid of heights.

So, there on the ground lay two perfect peaches. The rain let up to a mere drizzle and I ventured out to collect them. They weren't a s perfect as they looked from my window vantage point. A bird had taken a bite or two. I can cut that off, though. The peachiest peach was still hanging in the tree. I stood there under the branch, looking up at the peach. I grabbed the limb in question and gave it a mighty shake ........

This is when I knew my judgement was impaired. I had no business making even the smallest decision. I managed to soak myself and the peach remained firmly attached to the tree. Remember I was looking up into the tree when I shook it. Now, I was not only deaf, but blind ..... and very dumb!

Not dumb in the sense that I cannot speak, either. I decided then that I would not have a really good day. I did manage to take care of the canine's needs, but that was about all!

On my adventure to see the ear specialist, I stopped at Walmart. Not my usual Walmart, but a bigger one. Different layout and clearance spread throughout the store. I was on a mission, having a request from HeWho handles all pool related issues. Seems we needed a new hose for the vacuum. I searched in all the likely places and could not locate the aisle with pool supplies.

I flagged down a friendly, helpful associate and inquired about the location. He looked at me as if I had wings and was from another planet! He informed me that "we got rid of all that, it is back to school time!" Got rid of all that? Does this mean you tossed it in the dumpster, or you sold it, or maybe you packed it up and put it away for next season. I didn't ask, didn't want him to attack me verbally, as I was still a little off balance after my visit with the ear digger, um, I mean doctor.

I meandered through the store, discovered a fabric section that was unimpressive and picked up a few paint pens and moved along to the grocery aisles. I needed some new mop heads for my Libman mops. I love these mops! The mechanism that wrings the water is easy to use and the mop head itself does a good job. I use their brooms, as well. That being said, I saw a display featuring a Lysol mop, with a free broom attached! Pretty much the same price as a new Libman mop, but with a broom and a dustpan attached for free.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a bargain. I bought it! You knew I would, didn't you? I tried using the mop yesterday. I tell you, I could not push the wringer down over that mop to save my life. I could only get it about half way. Now, the whole reason you buy a mop with a wringer mechanism is so you won't have to grab that nasty mop head in your hands and wring it manually. I enticed HeWho to give it a try and he couldn't do it either. Should you be tempted by the display of floor cleaning tools by Lysol, I say DON'T DO IT!! Do not be misled by the free broom and dust pan. The broom is inferior, as well. I gave the broom to the bathrooms, having no need of one in my humble abode. Haven't decided what to do with the mop, with a head that is too fat for the wringer. There must be a craft that calls for some of the parts ..........


Val said...

Is it wrong of me to laugh at your dumb impromptu shower? I'm glad there wasn't a rake laying around for you to step on...

Linda O'Connell said...

I read this on my phone while on vacation and had to laugh out loud at your peachy eye. Sorry. You have a witty way about you. Hope your ear and eye are copacetic.