Tuesday, August 16, 2016

That Waskly Wabbit!

You may recall me complaining about the rabbit visiting my garden and eating all my green beans. He has plagued me all season and just last week I discovered his home.

He had taken up residence under my peach tree in some tall grasses and baby peach trees. I like to let the small trees grow until they are big enough to transplant. There must have been two dozen under the tree and some grass and weeds that had taken over. The rabbit had created a "hole" in the thicket. Almost woven. He would come out from time to time and stand there watching me weed. He was quite brave, this little thief, showing no inclination to move along.

I challenged him with my rake and he just stood his ground with his bulging side eyes. Yesterday, he was forced to move! I put my mower on the highest blade setting and mowed down all the grass and trees. Truly a testament of how annoyed I was with this rabbit. I sacrificed my baby peach trees! That will teach him to stare at me with his sidelong glance.


Anonymous said...

Oh,poor rabbit. I would gladly let him eat my green beans. I love rabbits. Of course I love all critters. I feed the squirrels and the possums that come in our yard, along with the cats.

Linda O'Connell said...

You mowed him down? How's your ear?