Friday, April 22, 2016

Weeds Or Wishes

Fatigue is somewhat pleasant. Makes me feel like I have earned the right to sit down and drink some cold tea. The dandelions are here with a vengeance. We mowed just 2 days ago and the entire park now looks like a dandelion farm.

There is a solution. No, not weed killer. We have about 10 acres that we mow. The solution is to mow as short as possible. With the blade on the lowest setting. HeWho favors a machine to ride with a big deck cannot put his blade that low. We would have "bald" spots and still have high spots to accommodate the dandelion growth. My push mower can and does mow very low to the ground.

I started mowing at around 9:30 this morning and just stopped. I did take breaks. I cleaned bathrooms (not my own, of course) and put the primer coat of paint on a new sign for the entrance of the park. I checked on my garden work from yesterday and plucked a few asparagus spears from my patch. My strawberry plants have tiny green berries on them and my sweet pea seedlings are reaching for the lattice above them.

All is well in my garden. The bathrooms .... not so much. Some person or persons decided to take advantage of all the spent dandelion blooms and fill my bathrooms with all the fluff. Why? Don't know. If you are thinking that children are the culprits, you are wrong. None in the park this week. School is still in session.

I am pretty sure I know who did it. It would be my difficult tenant. I know he uses the facilities. I doubt he has hot water in his camper, since he has yet to buy any LP. I mowed his site yesterday. I moved his picnic table and mowed and put everything back in place and was happy to not see any evidence of his big dog on the grass.

That was short-lived. A savvy dog owner such as himself, knows to let his dog poop on the other sites, not his. His rent is due in 3 days and I will not be accepting his payment. He will be told to leave immediately. His missed his deadline to show proof of vaccination for his pet and he failed to pick up after his pet. I don't want to give him any warning, as I am afraid of what I might find in the bathroom.

All winter he has left his razor and wash cloths in the men's shower. He also moves the bench to a place directly in front of the toilet. He was warned about leaving the heater and the lights on ..... with the door open by HeWho is a big softie. HeWho actually removed the heaters from the bathrooms and put them in the laundry room where we store them for the summer. The brazen young man put them back! I found them both on and the lights on with the doors ajar one morning shortly afterwards. I removed them and brought them inside. I tossed his toiletry items in the trash. Could be why he decided to bring me some dead flowers.

I will be most happy to see him go. His cousin is next!

I saw this idea for a sign on Pinterest :
Some see weeds
Some see wishes
It has a picture of dandelion fluff. I don't see wishes, I see seed blowing in the wind!!

I like this sign better.

See all the dandelions, on top of the mulch!!


Val said...

You'd better lock up your valuables before you give that guy the boot!

ellen abbott said...

I love the dandelions in the grass. they are short lived and will die down naturally when it gets hot. plus they are the first blooms available to bees in the early spring.