Monday, April 25, 2016

No More Motorcycles!

I don't seem to be having good Mondays of late. After a long night of listening to HeWho loves loud toys moan and groan, I hauled him around all day to clinics and hospitals and pharmacies.

Big boys love big toys. I have never understood the love of a motorcycle. All I can tell you is that the very idea of zipping along the interstate on two wheels with nothing more than a helmet on my head to protect me from the elements and the other traffic has never held any appeal for me.

But, HeWho decided to take one of our kampers up on an offer to borrow her bike and off he went. I was waiting impatiently to share some very good news with him. I saw him and his partner in ride come into the park. I paid no attention to the condition of his ride, just waited for him to head up to the office.

He was limping as if he just rode a horse across country. I figured he was just exaggerating his soreness from his ride. He stated that he had just ridden for the last time and told me he flipped the bike. I laughed at him and went on to share my news about an eviction I had succeeded in making.

Then I looked at his injuries. He really did flip the bike and fly up into the air before landing in a ditch. His right wrist was swollen and his left knee was pretty banged up. But, I thought it couldn't be that bad. He did, after all, ride the bike after the incident. He was walking and talking.

I got him situated in his recliner and handed him some Ibuprofen and ice. I was kind of annoyed at him for hurting himself at this particular time, with all the work that has to be accomplished before Memorial Day. I left him with the remote and the phone and went out to take my frustrations out on some weeds. I am a killer weeder when I have a lot on my mind!

I was about to call it quits for the evening when his fellow rider came up and told me he actually thought HeWho I love, was dead in the ditch when he got to him. This was unsettling, to say the least.

I was feeling guilty when I came in to find that he had somehow made his way to the bed in my absence. I helped him get a shower and applied Neosporin to all the road rash and discovered he also banged up his left shoulder.

Just so everyone knows, I did try to take him to the ER several times, but he refused. That was part of my annoyance with him. So, as soon as I woke, I called and made an appointment with our primary care. After that we had to drive to another city for x-rays and I had to wait at the pharmacy for his prescriptions. Then the meals being served on a tray and helping him walk with a cane .....

I am exhausted! No broken bones and steroids to help for a faster recovery. No more motorcycles for HeWho is not young anymore. Tomorrow I will enchant you with my eviction skills!!


Val said...

I'm so glad he's okay!

luksky said...

Oh my goodness, poor guy. My husband is an avid motorcycle rider and uses his as his main mode of transportation. Luckily he's a responsible driver, but that doesn't mean that some other idiot on the road will be. I just cross my fingers every time he drives out of the driveway.

ellen abbott said...

I don't get the thrill of motorcycles either. just about any accident would be fatal and if not fatal then seriously banged up. organ donors on two wheels.