Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Face Planting

Spring is in the air, internet waves are slow and iffy. Must be being blocked by all the green growth. Grass mowing season is here with a vengeance.

My voice has returned and I am able to suggest (nag incessantly) projects that need to be accomplished. Yesterday was a lovely day conducive to hanging sheets in the sun, so I did just that. I was heading back inside to grab my phone and the mower to get some serious grass cutting out of the way, with plans to turn some soil in my raised beds afterwards.

I was not paying attention to the stationary obstacles in my path ...... just the moving targets of my five furry children. Cujo was at my heels and Toni Louise was intent on tormenting Martha, the boy cat, as Wall-E, the town crier barked to let me know about the fight. Blind Oscar was slowly turning his head, trying to determine the location of all the players of the drama unfolding.

The toe of my shoe caught on a huge iron spike in the ground behind my clothesline post and my forward momentum had me flying forward, unable to grab anything as I literally planted my face in the ground! My shoe flew in the opposite direction as I hit the ground.

Knocked the breath out of me, but I am thankful for so many things:
1. I am thankful that I had already policed the yard for dog poop!
2. I am thankful that my event had no witnesses .... well any witnesses that can have the ability to speak of it.
3. I did not break any bones. No injuries that prevented me from performing my necessary chores.
4. I was not wearing my glasses, as my face took the brunt of the fall.

The dogs were overjoyed that I had apparently decided to join them on the ground to play with them. I crawled to my cell phone as Martha, the boy cat, decided to insinuate himself between my arms. My face really hurt and my shoeless foot was hurting. I called HeWho mows and he came into the back yard to check on me. Cujo is unused to seeing him in the backyard and was in attack mode. Wall-E kept trying to give me unwanted kisses and Toni Louise was ecstatic to see her person. Old, blind Oscar looked on, still trying to locate all of us .......

I still managed to mow, but the soil remains unturned and I did not cook. My muscles are sore today and my nose and forehead a bit tender, and my tongue still hurts. I am off now to see what today has in store for me.


Val said...

Yikes! You might be feeling that for a few days.

Be thankful you didn't bite your tongue in half! Because you know I would ask: "Cat got your tongue?"

Kathy G said...

Poor you! Hope things are better today.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh good grief. You just keep rolling along. I face planted once in front of my principal who entered my room. Not good. Hope you aren't too achy as a result.
Your poor fur babies trying to figure out what mama was doing.

Polly said...

Hope you're feeling better. I can so relate to your reasons for being thankful, I once slipped on wet grass and landed only inches from the brown offending stuff!!