Sunday, April 24, 2016

Just In Case You Didn't Know .... Prince Died

Okay, Prince died. He was too young and it is sad. I get it. But, really, some of the people interviewed on the news coverage need to get a life.

One man I saw was saying how he did not know how his life would be without Prince. Just a fan, not a personal friend or even acquaintance. Probably doesn't even listen to the music of Prince on a regular basis. This man looking into the camera, so distraught, was quite young, maybe in his early 20's.

Got me thinking. Do TV reporters have some sixth sense about which person in the crowd to choose for insincere coverage? I am sure there were more than this one young man, but I happened to be walking by the TV, on my way to deliver freshly laundered towels to the linen closet and stopped to listen.

His life will go on without Prince, I am sure. A new disaster will develop and his (the young man, not Prince)  90 seconds of fame will be forgotten. A fire or a tornado will have some savvy reporter culling out the one person in the crowd with the least grammar skills to relate the event to the rest of the viewers.


Val said...

You don't say! Heh, heh. If I was one of those GEICO-car-insurance-needing people living under a rock, I STILL would have known. Media over-hype.

Kathy G said...

I don't understand people who make pop culture their entire life.

Linda O'Connell said...

I agree with you. One night I was on Twitter and somehow heard a live feed of a reporter looking for people who would agree to be interviewed. Let me tell you, some his criteria couldn't be repeated.
I don't understand hero worship. My ex used to work on the Cardinal players cars. Some came to our house. Nobody special to me.

luksky said...

I had to laugh. I wondered the same thing. How can someone become so distraught over someone they didn't even know on a personal basis??? I don't get it either.