Friday, April 15, 2016

Signs, Signs ......

Since my face planting event ...... every muscle in my body is trying to refuse to obey my commands.
I think I may have tensed all my muscles when I realized I was heading to earth. My forehead is sore to the touch and the tip of my nose is tender. I am amazed that I have no bruises!

 My park will be full this weekend! The weather has conspired to give us an absolutely beautiful Spring weekend. I long to be outside ..... I need to be outside as the dandelions are trying to take over my flower beds. I did manage to take care of some of the beds in the front of the store, after watering my sad looking hanging pots. They will perk back up soon.

I headed to the side yard to water the strawberry patch. I had not used that hydrant yet this year and when I turned it on, one of the fittings was loose and it spayed icy water into my ear. I knew then that my day would be filled with the unexpected.

I decided to go ahead and put out the pool merchandise and get the store set up. I worked all day yesterday on cleaning the side of the store that we had been using to cut wood with the chop saw. I will sorely miss that saw!! In spite of the dire predictions of HeWho loves loud tools, I have yet to injure myself with it. I have a rolling cart in one of the many sheds we have and I plan to house that saw in the pump room so that I can roll it out side when I want to use it. We have two of them and I claim this one for my own personal use. I just have to make sure that HeWho mows and tows is not able to hear the saw when I use it.

I salvaged the cedar boards from the side of the building when we put up the new siding. A lot of them were beyond anything useful and if HeWho will collect all manner of junk, had his way, all of the wood would be used in a big bonfire. I carefully picked through the giant pile he left in my side yard and got some pretty decent boards.

I have been cutting pieces of my salvaged wood and making signs. This is one of my favorites so far. You can see the one I am working on in the bottom of the picture. It says 'weed em and reap'. I need to paint a flower on the blank end. Haven't decided what yet.

I like this one, too. I seem to be drawn to a certain subject, don't I? I really like the raw edge. I used acrylic paints, then several coats of polyurethane on both sides so they can be hung out side.

The boards are original to the building and it was constructed in the late 60's. Strange to think of the 60's as being old. But, I am old, too.

This why I like having the saw set up and ready to use. Makes quite a mess, though. I wish I knew how to duplicate that broken edge. I tried holding the length of wood on the table and letting the piece I wanted hang from the edge and then pop it. It didn,t work. Perhaps I can ponder this in the night while I don't sleep.


Linda O'Connell said...

I absolutely love your signs! You could sell those. Happy campers and no issues I hope.

Linda O'Connell said...

I absolutely love your signs! You could sell those. Happy campers and no issues I hope.

Val said...

Lovin' the signs!

Joanne Noragon said...

have a great season!

luksky said...

I love your signs! So crafty, you are. :-)