Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Eviction Success

HeWho is up and about, his knee wrapped in an ace. He awoke early before my eyelids even fluttered. He was gone for over an hour, getting his McDonalds breakfast and then stopping at the tow shop to tell his story over again and enjoy his celebrity status.

He has gone again. To town to get some line for the weedeater and tell his tale to a new group. I am just happy that he has limbered up enough to lift the toilet seat. I had a very unpleasant awakening yesterday.

As promised, I will now enchant you with my eviction skills!! Totally frustrated with the dog leavings of the camper, who showers in the bath house and depletes the hot water supply, I left a letter in his door. He has yet to present proof of rabies vaccination for the dog who poops on other sites. I gave him a deadline to show proof and once again demanded that he pick up after the dog.

My letter was found fluttering in an open field. HeWho surmised that Tenant didn't get the letter, that the wind had carried it away. HeWho hates confrontations, but swears he warned  Tenant about the dog poop many times .... HeWho also reported that Tenant was picking up the poop and it was no longer a problem. I found that to be a mere rumor when I decided to help HeWho mows and tackle the sites around Tenant.

I confess that I do not check the e-mail on the Kampground site daily. The on line reservations come directly to my e-mail and I have become lazy about the other e-mail. Tenant did get my letter and he responded via e-mail .... to the Kampground. I did not read it until he was already gone. I would have responded.

He states that he has followed all my "guidelines" and resents the fact that I have "targeted" him and his fiancée because they are "different". He says he feels that I want him to leave. He goes on to say that he administered the vaccines to his dog and that he can't locate the receipts for the purchase of the vaccines.

His rent was due on Sunday, and as the big motorcycle event was happening, family members arrived to execute the move from my park. You may recall that I had spoken to various family members who arrived from time to time to pay rent for him. I was told that they were happy to pay for his stay because they did not want him in their homes ...... because he tended to take things that didn't belong to him.

Nice to know. One family member shared this information with other campers here, as well as HeWho has a "barn" full of his collection of junk and valuable tools. Last week, HeWho came into the office to tell me we have a serious problem here. Seems he went to his "barn" to procure a tool, an expensive tool, that he needs for the big mower. It has disappeared. This prompted him to take a closer look and notice that other things are missing. He is so serious as he stands, waiting for me to come up with a solution. This is when I tell him that Tenant has already missed my deadline for proving he has vaccinated his dog and that I had no intention of accepting another month's rent from Tenant. This is when he told me of the letter littering the park. He tells me I will have to give Tenant more notice to leave and that he had not encountered any dog poop.

I presented HeWho with one of our registrations that has a disclaimer at the bottom stating that we reserve the right to deny service to anyone we choose and that we will evict anyone non compliant to our rules. I went on to explain that he RIDES a mower, and therefore would not see the pile of poop he mows, while I push mine and walk behind it. I know my poop and the poop I encountered was not old, it was new, one pile was quite new.

Eviction was accomplished. A different family member of Tenant came up to buy a bag of ice. He had nothing good to say about Tenant and spoke quite freely without any prompting from me. I was just so happy he was leaving without having to involve any muscle of law enforcement. I learned from this family member that Tenant had quite the history of the sticky finger variety and had been incarcerated many times, having started his behavior as a juvenile. Nice.

I lost my composure a little after learning about the prison stints and "thanked" him for dumping their family problem on me. He told me they had found another RV park in another city to put him. I wish I knew which one, I would call them and warn them.

But, he is gone and I can dance a jig to the tune of "Ding dong, the thief is gone!"


Joanne Noragon said...

Yes, good riddance. It's too bad you had to tolerate such krap.

Kathy G said...

That family is BEYOND codependent! Glad to hear you won't have to be dealing with them again.

Val said...

Sure. Everybody gives their dogs their vaccines, right?

Linda O'Connell said...

He administers rabies vaccines? Along with troublesome tenant went some equipment. At least he is out of your place.