Friday, February 19, 2016

Still Not Hungry

Today was my big day. I woke up bright and early, very cognizant of the fact that I could not eat or take my medications. Not that I ever eat breakfast, but today I wanted to .... just because I couldn't. My appointment was not until 1:20, so I wanted to lounge in bed and doze until it was time for a shower.

I was up at 7:30, the sun was bright and the weather wonderful, downright balmy. Oh, the things I could accomplish in this t-shirt weather. Not only that, I felt marvelous! Full of energy, like my old self. Or my younger self? Cause the self I am now is certainly older, but I digress.

The dogs would not allow this lingering in bed, they also saw the sun and were jumping at the chance to run circles in the back yard and bark at things. All of them except my only girl, Toni Louise. She snuggled close to me and after sniffing my eyeballs and trying to take my breath away. She was not herself. She is usually the first one out the door, but she refused to go out at all. She tucked her head into my neck and would not move. I instructed HeWho is her person to take her out and he did. She made a bee-line for me as soon as she came back in.

I am so glad I did not insist on lingering beneath my almost fresh sheets. I got up and had a nice cold glass of water and settled down to read e-mail. Next thing I know, Toni is vomiting everywhere. She vomited in the kitchen, on Oscar's dog bed, beside Oscar's dog bed and in about 5 other places (including on HeWho's chair!). The aroma was such that I was no longer interested in eating. I promise you, this poor dog had nothing left in her poor belly. I pondered the task in front of me and finally settled on a drywall scraper and a plastic bag to most efficiently scrape it all up, then mop.

After that I showered and readied myself for my big adventure, still not hungry at all. We were gone for about 5 hours and upon returning, I could still smell it. She had crawled behind and half under my chair and vomited there. Poor girl. I know exactly what happened to make her so very sick. I had some dog treats left that are very crunchy. They look like cheese puffs. I wanted to refill their jar with some softer treats that Oscar would be able to eat with the few teeth he has left. I tossed what was left in the back yard yesterday.

Toni growled and spit at the other dogs and ate them all to make sure she was the only one to have them. Serves her right! I still feel bad for her. But more for me, since I had to clean it up.


luksky said...

Oh, the vomit. Been there, done that one.

Val said...

Poor Toni Louise. Oh, and poor you, too.