Monday, February 8, 2016

Little Elves Do Not Come In The Night ......

Finally! We finished painting the front of the building. I would post a picture, but I was too tired to get one.

Yesterday was windy, but not too cold. Snow was falling when I let the dogs out for their morning necessities. There is still more painting to be done. I have the west side of the building to do. The back of the building is fenced in and can wait to be done ....... until it makes me a little crazy. We are out of paint right now. Time for another 5 gallon bucket. If the weather was nicer I would go get it.

You will recall my annoyance at the painting method of He Who should not paint. There is a pony wall dividing the porch. I wanted it put up when we still used the front door on the residence side.

A child opened my door and let all my dogs out on a memorable Memorial Day weekend. Oscar bit the child because she tried to come in. Hey, he was doing his job! My precious grandson was in there, he was protecting his family from a strange screaming little girl. And that is exactly what I told the child and her parents. They looked at me like I had horns on  my head. I explained that I had a sign posted, well two signs on the door. One said "Private Residence" and the other one "Beware of Dogs". Legally, I was covered. He bit her while she was in my house and I was tending the wound as we spoke. I told the little girl that I was so sorry as I bandaged her knee. I offered to provide my dog's vet records. The Dad was incensed and said "She doesn't know how to read!" I had  my grandson loud crying throughout the incident, because he was tired and thought he was responsible for the incident. I just gave the man my 'don't mess with me' look and asked him why such a young child was left on her own, she should have been supervised. That was the end of it. Those folks never came back.

Okay, I got off track there. When He Who started painting, he started in the middle. I would have started on the end where it met the new siding that had just been painted. Either end, but not the middle. We are keeping the same trim color and it was recently repainted, so I had no intentions to do any trim painting other than some touch-up. Did I mention that he is a sloppy painter?

So, when I went out to help, I insisted that he move the Pepsi cooler and let me paint behind it and above it, then move it back in place and proceed from there to paint the entire side before going to the other side. Crazy, huh? I still had energy left after the Pepsi cooler was back in place and he employed the roller and I did the brush parts in the nooks and crannies. The ceiling is low and He Who can just reach up with the paint brush. I can't, but I only needed the kitchen step stool.

I needed to rest a couple of days and the weather smiled upon us this past weekend. I planned to finish the other side. He Who started before I got out there ....... in the middle. Why? Because both ends would involve moving something out of the way. Did he think little elves would come in the night and clear a path?

That is exactly what I did. Except for the pew. It is heavy and requires two people working in unison and paying attention to each other. NOT pulling on one end with all your might and pulling that end completely OFF. Yes, he did. My fault, I have successfully moved it on my own by carefully sliding one end inches forward, then the other end. Takes a while and some patience, but in the end the pew is still intact. I guess I am a one elf crew of little elves.


Joanne Noragon said...

Inching toward the new season, I see.

Val said...

You have my sympathy for your HeWho paint avoidance episode. BUT...I am more intrigued by your off-track tale. I don't wish any child to be hurt, but I can't believe those people had the nerve to pitch a fit when their UNATTENDED child was bitten by a dog while INSIDE a house with a BEWARE OF DOG sign on the door. Of course the child couldn't read. THAT'S WHAT PARENTS ARE FOR!