Monday, February 1, 2016

More Paint

Exhausted from my day of painting (yesterday), I am staying inside today. The temperature has dropped, too. I set a very small goal yesterday. I asked He Who moves stuff to get the Pepsi machine moved so that I could paint behind it and above it. I am happy to report that I exceeded my less than lofty goal! With He Who painting the ceiling, we managed to complete the entire side!

The gray paint seems very light, almost white. I am pretty sure that I picked one a shade darker. I sent He Who runs many errands to have the paint mixed. He usually thinks my paint choices to be "too dark", so I think he switched things up on me. He won't admit it, and I don't want to re-do any of it, so .........

 Today I sit here, computer in my lap. I did manage to wash the dishes and then start dinner. I plundered through the freezer and landed on a package of beef short ribs. I put them in water to thaw and sat down to peruse Pinterest for a new recipe to try.

I know how to cook them, but I just wanted to try something different. As we "speak", they are cooking slowly in a 300 degree oven wrapped tightly in foil. The most amazing aroma is sneaking out and filling the air. It was a little more labor intensive than I was looking for, but appears to be so worth it.

It called for a cup of "Bacon Barbeque Sauce". I had to make the sauce. It is cooling down and ready to be put in jars. I am not a big fan of BBQ sauce, but this stuff is like a little heaven on your tongue. I chopped the onions and the garlic and the tomatoes and from there went to whiskey and honey and real maple syrup. So good!!

I see a family on the TV enjoying some Banquet TV dinners. Ack.


Val said...

Makes me want to come in during your not-open hours and ask if your pool is open!

joanne said...

that bbq sauce sounds heavenly! Is is something you made up or from a recipe. I can smell your cooking from here...oh, and the paint looks great too.