Monday, February 15, 2016

Blood Tests and Bubblegum

Despite the fact that the phlebotomist drew the tiniest amount of blood before blowing the vein (I fully expected to be called back to provide more blood), it must have sufficed. They called today with the results. Normal. Everything was normal.

The cardiologist was thinking that my thyroid might be the culprit. It would be a simple solution to my problem and easily fixed. No such luck. Everything else was good, even great. My liver is functioning as it should. My blood sugar was excellent and my cholesterol is good, too. More tests this Friday.

Felt pretty chipper today and since I was low on dog food, I ventured out into the big wide world. Well, my small piece of it. Took my time and gathered all my necessities and some things that could never be called needs. Like the peeps from the Easter candy aisle. Bubblegum Peeps!!!!! I love bubblegum and I love peeps, so, of course I had to get some. My blood sugar being so good, I deserved a little reward! 


Val said...

I WANT PEEPS! We don't have any around here. Of course, they could pop up tomorrow, with Easter being on the horizon. It's a shame they don't make them for Groundhog Day and St. Pats.

Linda O'Connell said...

You deserve a treat after all you've been through. Did you ever microwave a Peep?