Friday, February 26, 2016

Hot Water

Today was my day to change the electrode patches from the heart monitor. I was told to change them every third day ...... if necessary. I find it necessary. They itch and leave a circle of bumpy irritation that looks like a giant ringworm. I am having a blah day. Gray skies and cold floors have me staying inside and not all that content.

So, it was in that frame of mind that I instructed HeWho to keep an eye out for a reservation we have coming in, that I headed to the comforts of a nice hot shower. I was really looking forward to the hot water hitting my back and soothing my sore muscles ( from painting the ceiling of the porch). I adjusted the spigots to my liking and turned the shower on before I entered.

Just like I always do. My routine settings. Imagine my utmost irritation when the cold water hit me. My hair was already wet, so I was committed. I turned off the cold water and rushed my shower of just warm water. I am not happy.

The problem is not my water heater. The problem is one of my tenants. This particular tenant uses the shower in the mens' room. This is not the first time this has happened and I am amazed that anyone could use that much hot water. The water heater is gas and has a quick recovery. This is the first time we have encountered this. Even when the park is full of tent campers and people washing clothes in the laundry we don't run out of hot water.

This guy is in his early 20's and has some  vague "disability" that has him on the public draw. In addition to his disability check, he gets food stamps. You wonder how I am privy to all this personal information? His family told me so. His mother pays his lot rent, while his grandfather provided the camper he lives in. Brought it out here and set him up ...... and that is the one and only time the LP tank was filled.

He has skated so far with mild mannered HeWho. But, despite my pseudo ringworm rash, I am back up to snuff. I am patiently waiting for him to return to the park and we shall have a nice little conversation and either come to an understanding or he will be escorted from my property.

Yep, I'm back!!


Linda O'Connell said...

Nobody should be soaped up and naked and then the water go cold or even lukewarm. You might have a latex rash from those electrode patches. Maybe you have to put a timer on the shower. Tomorrow, sunshine and warmth!

Joanne Noragon said...

That would have convinced me, too.

Val said...

Tell him you're crazy, and you have a letter to prove it. Then show him your spots. Maybe he'll go running back to Grandpa.