Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rain, Boys, and Dogs

Started raining Friday morning and it is still raining, just a slow gentle rain. We need the rain and I am happy that we are getting the rain, but with the rain came 36 cancellations ........

Only the die-hard campers are out in force. My church group cancelled, but they were going to be in tents, so I can't really blame them. My big family of faithful campers is here, though. They keep adding to the crowd and I hear that a whole lotta cookin' took place yesterday. I heard this from the men and they listed the menu items as fried fish, ribs, beef and some more pork and oh, yeah, some kind of beans. I am sure the women provided some vegetables in that mix.

Friday evening the power went out. He who chases stranded motorists on the highway left here at about 11 am to "run to the bank" and didn't return until around 8:30. I prepared a sandwich by the light of the solar yard light I was carrying around. He ate, then left again and did not return until around 11 pm.

Without electricity, I could not run credit cards, so I just parked the campers and told them to see me the next day. I sat outside and read a book old style for as long as I had light to see. While I was rocking gently and reading, one of my favorite little campers came up to check on me. It was still raining, but not hard enough to keep the kids off their bikes. Caleb is just the cutest little boy. Eight years old and one day this kid is going to break some hearts. "Are you okay?" he asks. I told him I was fine. "Well, if you need anything, you just come down to our campsite. We will take care of you."

See what I mean? Chivalry is not dead! I love this kid! So, this morning, when Caleb came in the store with his dad looking for he who owns the place (I sometimes let him think that, you know, for his ego), looking somber and sad, I knew he had gotten himself into trouble. I summoned the owner (snort) and he came out having just awakened, hearing aids squeaking. Caleb was instructed to tell what had happened.

He sat on the couch and cried his little heart out as he related the mornings adventure. Keep in mind that there is a herd of cousins and siblings in tow. Seems they decided to ride bikes down the back road. There is a clearing for dry storage of campers back there. Only one there right now is an old model belonging to a guy who is an avid hunter. It is not in great shape ........ only men stay in it ..... to hunt and tell tall tales of the one that got away. I suppose the kids may have thought it to be abandoned. There may have been some dares involved and the window was broken. On purpose. By Caleb.

To his credit he went and told his dad what he did and his dad brought him to the office to confess and tell us that he would pay for the window and he would do any chores we needed done until they go home tomorrow. He was so mortified he could hardly speak. I couldn't stand it and had to hug him and comfort him. Wall-E, the wonder dog, author of his very own book, lover of boys everywhere, happened to be making a visit to some of his fans when Caleb came in. He sensed something wrong right away and went over to sit next to the somber Caleb and rest him head against Caleb's in comfort. Wall-E is a sensitive guy.

I must go find a chore for my little friend now. The sun is trying to poke his head through the clouds and the forecast says we will have a nice afternoon. There is still on area of the pool wall that needs a good scrubbing. The new horse shoe pits need more sand shoveled. Sounds like I may have a worker for those jobs and I am betting he will have help from his cousins ........


Mamma has spoken said...

Too many times, parents teach their kids not to own up to their behavior. This story proves that there are still parents out there that know how to teach their children the right thing.
Oh and it made for a cute story.

Brian Miller said... this little kid as well....he made me smile....and good on caleb for owning up to his misdeed as well....we def need parents that are teaching their kids to do that....

Joanne Noragon said...

I love Caleb, too. And his dad. And his entourage, who surely would have stepped up to the plate for him had you intended to flog the poor boy. I can imagine the collective sigh when he was hugged.

Val said...

Dang. I feel for the little guy. I have a feeling Caleb will turn out all right.

Reminds me of the time I marched my four-year-old back into Save A Lot after finding him in possession of a Hot-Wheels-like car I didn't pay for. He was in tears during his confession. The checker looked uncomfortable.

It takes a campground and a Save A Lot to raise a child. Tough love is still love.

Kathy G said...

We've been waiting for rain all summer, and it has to come on the holiday weekend...too bad for you.

LOVE the Caleb story. Hope you weren't too hard on him when he was doing his chores :-)

Lorenza said...

Sure Caleb is a good boy.
He does things that boys do, right?
Glad Wall-E was there to give him some comfort.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Linda O'Connell said...

Caleb will be telling the story of the nice lady and dog and the window he broke when he was a lad. Love this.

lotta joy said...

FINALLY!! You had a camper with a sense of decency and a caring personality. I wish there were more Calebs. He is outnumbered 100 to 1.

SkippyMom said...

Good parents raising an honest and great kid. Although he did wrong, it is nice to see him own up and I bet he never does it again.

My kids always said the disappointment in our faces was 10x worse than any punishment we could mete out. And I believe it.

Heaven forbid I cry - then all bets are off and I think I could've gotten the house painted a time. Or two. :)

Hope you are back to normal now and didn't get hit too hard by the rain and power outages.

Nancy said...

I will never forget my daughter "egging" a neighbor! We were all upset - not to mention our wonderful neighbor. She asked my daughter what she had ever done to her to deserve such an act and all my daughter could do was cry. She has never forgotten the act (even though she was not the only culprit) and spent some time making it up to our neighbor. As well as washing the egg off the house, of course. Geeze, kids are kids, I guess.

Sextant said...

Caleb sounds like a really cool kid, and I bet 50 years from now he will remember that cool lady who hugged when he had been bad.

My guess is that if you can get Caleb away from his cousins and give him a little helping hand that you may have a wonderful little assistant that just may very well enjoy his punishment to the fullest. He just sound like that kind of kid.

Jeff said...

Good kid...good parent and a great story!