Friday, September 28, 2012

Breakfast In My Yard

My favorite apple tree is the golden delicious. I always pick those first and try to leave a few for those autumn mornings that are find me working on the grounds. The crows were in residence this year and pretty much topped all my apple trees. It is almost like the Killdeer put out the word that I am bird friendly.

But, this last lone apple has my name all over it. Nothing tastes so wonderful as ripe fruit straight from the tree. This apple did not disappoint.

Walk along with me. I have an old feeding trough for cattle with a cherry tomato plant thriving in it. I just hope it will stay warm long enough to harvest all the tomatoes.

The sister tough has Roma tomatoes. I have already harvested and frozen some for sauce. Looks like I will have at least a bushel from these plants if the weather holds just a bit longer. I confess that I popped a few cherry tomatoes that were ripe right into my mouth. Balancing my breakfast.

Admire my new garden plot with me as I wipe the apple juice from my chin. I had been wanting to define my side yard for awhile and the weather cooled enough for some hard work. I actually dug up most of the sod and took it to a site that needed grass and reused it. The dirt was a gift from he who was working with the front end loader in the back of the park. I was fully prepared to haul the dirt in the wheelbarrow. I was determined to get it done.

I can move anything on wheels!!

Another view of my new garden plot. It has rained for the past three days and all that is left to do is mulch it in. I planted some lilies and some mossy ground cover. If I encounter some interesting perennials on the clearance shelf in WalMart's garden center ( I call it the rescue center), I will add them later.

That is where the mums came from last year when I was building this garden. I think I paid 50 cents a piece for the 6 mums this mound represents. I think they like it there in Paul's garden.

I recently rescued this grass and stuck it right here at the edge of the plot next to the entrance drive. Paid $1.47 for it and it was all brown and ugly with some new growth barely visible at the base of the plant. I carefully snipped away at the dead stuff and revealed some purple spires about 6 inches long. It is over waist high now and I can't wait to see what it does next year.

Breakfast is over and the sun is peeking through the clouds. Now, if I can get that mulcher started I will feed all the bark and slivers of wood from the pile next to the log splitter to it and make my own mulch. Reduce, reuse ........recycle. Tossed my apple core in the compost bin. That's me, always setting a good example.


Brian Miller said...

nice...liking your garden plot...and so true on fruit as well...we have pears and grapes so we are out right apples though...had a banana tree and lime tree in florida...and orange tree....mmmm

ellen abbott said...

Now that the weather is cool enough to work outside, we are busy at work! I have several beds I want to enlarge and improve.

Kathy G said...

The work is never done...

Val said...

Our chickens would make short work of that apple core. They're my compost heap. Of course, they're not very effective when spread over a garden.

Linda O'Connell said...

I love golden delicious, my favorite apple too. Enjoy this glorious weather.

Pat said...

I do believe that you have a green thumb. Plants and trees seem to flourish in your neck of the woods!

Venom said...

Girl, I envy your gardening prowess, that is for sure.
Out on Vancouver Island a friend had a cherry tree that produced fruit for multiple familes - I could pick there every time I visited. I miss that tree.

Whitney Lee said...

You're a woman of many talents. The garden looks beautiful. I tend to have a brown thumb. I am also less knowledgeable about what works well in this zone. I guess I'm going to have to learn because my daughter wants to have a garden.
I thought of you last week when I was reteaching myself to sew in order to make bedding for a baby doll bed. The sewing machine and I didn't get along, I miscalculated somehow and ended up going out to buy more fabric, then had to make more changes to compensate for my lack of experience. It crossed my mind that you could have done all I did in about an eighth of the time, probably with your eyes closed. Perversely enough, I now have the desire to sew something else now...When it all meshed it was actually quite fun.