Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is Your Name Henry?

It was such a lovely weekend. The weather was perfect with sunny days and cool evenings. As I sit here checking in the last of my reservations for this evening and waiting for he who tows to return, I am surrounded with a deep sense of contentment.

Some kampers were up last evening for cards and we just had the best time. We played hearts and I did not win! I was not the biggest loser either .... pun intended. My sweet husband was and the funniest part is that he missed two hands to take a stranded motorist call and still managed to acquire the most points.

The call he took was to a lock-out. He left the kampground to go get the truck with all the necessary equipment and then head out to the call which was 20 miles away. He returned before we had played two hands. The call was cancelled ..... they decided that since it was a convertible to just cut a hole in the top. Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up. Rather than pay $50, they did about $3000 in damage.

We all pondered the reasoning behind this and came up with different scenarios:
1. The car was stolen.
2. The car was borrowed. Like from a parent and they couldn't wait for it to be opened. They were past curfew. I picture a group of kids, "Dude, we're late, we don't have time to wait." "Hey, the top is cloth and I have a pocket knife ... problem solved."
3. They were too drunk to care.
4. They were too stupid to care.
5. The car needed a new top anyway.

Oddly enough, he got another call this morning for a lock-out and it cancelled before he got there, too. So, I started think about all the strange people he encounters over the roads. One morning he got a call for a tow. It was a young man whose car had broken down.

Now, when he tows the driver and passengers of the vehicle ride in the truck with him. No matter, my husband is a people person and can talk with anyone, or simply ignore them if they want to be left alone.

This particular young man had just met the woman of his dreams. He had found her on-line and they had had their first meeting. He was enthralled with her. He who tows did not need to talk, just listen. He was waxing eloquent about the beauty and virtues of this dream woman, saying more than once that she was "the one", he just knew it and that he was in love with her.

After going on like this for most of the trip, the guy confided that the one thing that troubled him was the fact that she had been married 7 times.

I wondered if his name was Henry.


Judy and Emma said...


Val said...

Truth is funnier than fiction.

Mevely317 said...

Goodness, I wonder if your hubby found it hard to keep a straight face!
It sounds as tho "Henry" loves falling in love with love ... poor fellow.

SkippyMom said...

Well, at least she's honest? giggle

Probably she shaved a few marriages off of there - you know how men add a few inches to their height or women round down when saying their weight? She probably forgot a few marriages or considered them that they "didn't really count." :D I was going to say I am all for internet dating, but that is huge red flag. I haven't even had 1/3 of that number in SERIOUS boyfriends in my life. Wow.

Sounds like just what you needed last night. I am hoping we can meet some nice couples at church to hang around with. Most of our friends here have moved away or we moved away from them. :(

Hugs to you!

Joanne Noragon said...

No, you cannot make this stuff up!

Brian Miller said...

7 might be a red on the guys cutting open their convertible too...oy...