Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beware Of Men With Guns

I ventured outside this fine morning and found that I had a visitor.

Make that two. They have been together every time I have seen them. Yesterday as I rounded the corner of the building, heading to my vegetable garden, they ran lickity-split from my yard. I don't know which of us was more startled. No time to grab my camera, only to mourn the loss of my beans. I suppose they have to eat, too.

Grass, let them eat grass. The grass is no longer brown and dead looking , but green and lush and in need of mowing every other day.

They still have spots. Although they let me get pretty close, it was not close enough to determine gender. Where is Marshell when I need him? He is the one who proclaimed that Mr. Martha, the cat was female. Maybe I don't need him, after all.

Here they are at the corner of Bullfrog Boulevard and Frog Hollow. You will not the deer crossing sign in the background. These are smart kampers, my deer.

Obviously twins, I feel I should name them. But, are they boys or girls .......... or, maybe one of each. I had one of each 37 years ago. Not deer, humans. Jeff and Jill. He, who was enthralled with his offspring, wanted to name them Jack and Jill. But I prevailed, not wanting them to hate us.

He, who says he got close enough to "see", says that they are girls. I suppose he is better at gender guessing than Marshell, since he found the equipment Mr. Martha had hidden so well.

Suzy and Sally. I called out to them , but only Suzy looked my way. I told her to be very careful crossing the road and to look out for men in camo, with guns. Deer season will be here soon.


Brian Miller said...

oh yeah...they are out aplenty up have to watch they are all over the sides of the road too...def be to see them up close...

Mamma has spoken said...

Ah deer, beautiful to look at when they are in someone else's yard, but not in mine!

Val said...

I see a doe and fawn combo every now and then, crossing the road. I'm sure they are different duos. They are way more skilled than possums at this feat.

A couple of weeks ago, Hick saw two deer run past our swimming pool. They could not tarry long. Our neighbor is wont to dine on them year-round. He's quite adept at living off our land with just his trusty bow. He has permission. I don't begrudge a man an honest day's work to fill his belly. Shh...don't tell the game warden who lives over the hill.

This area is too populated now for gun hunters during deer season. Since white-tail deer are homebodies and pretty much hang out on one square mile of territory most of their lives...I figure letting Neighbor harvest one occasionally staves off overpopulation and starvation.

Joanne Noragon said...

That is some good advice. They look mighty little and I hope winter comes later down your way.

Lorenza said...

They are adorable!
I know they like to eat... what we don't want them to eat!
Kisses and hugs

joanne said...

Oh they are so innocent and beautiful, makes me want to wrap them up and keep them somewhere safe. Just like a mama!

lotta joy said...

HOW can people shoot those delicate little animals? Gentle little things, dipping their heads to grab a leaf of grass, then KAPOW! Some bastard blows their brains all over the forest. 'scuse me. I just got mad and lost my dignity.