Thursday, January 12, 2012

It Snowed

No progress on the bathroom today. It snowed last night. Schools closed and the news coverage is phenomenal, considering it was a whopping two inches of the white stuff.

It is currently 10 degrees out there. This matters to me. The bathrooms are not heated. All I can say is that the seat is mighty cold! Like an outhouse. Very, very cold.

Speaking of news, another big story in national news was about the Marines who urinated on the the bodies of the enemy. I don't know which is more disturbing; that they did it, or that they made a video and decided to share it. I overheard someone who thought their actions were okay ...... like it is patriotic to defile the body of a terrorist.

That attitude is also disturbing to me. I am quite certain that a video of another countries' soldiers defiling the bodies of USA soldiers would be met with outrage. This is not an honorable act on either side. The news story did not make light of it; but did point out that the Marines involved were young. I suppose that says a lot the values instilled in these young men.


SkippyMom said...

I hope you have a pair of long johns & pajamas with the trap doors. And i am not being flip, I really hope you do. Try and stay warm. That is harsh.

I have to agree with everything you said re the soldiers. It is sad. I don't know if it was instilled in them, so much as it is just a casualty of war tho'.

Brian Miller said...

that is such a crazy story...what idiots...

um, might consider a fur seat cover on the toilet...smiles...

Cathy said...

Hello Kathy
Not envying you with your sanitary conditions or your weather. My cold rainy summer days don't seem to be so bad after all.

The 'soldier' incident was on our news as well. Not sure what to think of it 'cept if its proved true how stupid they were to video it. Thats their career down the drain. Although when people are stressed in those situations thats the last thing they would think about.
Take care


Rae said...

No matter what excuse they offer, it is still horrible the way those soldiers acted. No one, not even the enemy should be disgraced in death. Must be really "stoopid" too to record it.