Monday, January 9, 2012

I Am No Squatter

 Almost eight years ago when we moved here, I told he who fancies himself to be a carpenter, that I would require a much bigger kitchen and that the bathroom was not acceptable. No, it did not look like this. There was a fiberglass tub and surround that covered the window. I kid you not. It was ugly and impossible to clean. I mean, I know it was clean, because I cleaned it. But, it never looked clean.

The kitchen had to be dealt with first ..... I couldn't unpack. There was no cupboard space to speak of. The kitchen continues to evolve. I did get a new stove right away. The one that was here had only two working elements and they had to be jiggled periodically. I arrived with two refrigerators and a freezer. Just nowhere to put them.

The laundry room for the residence was as big as the kitchen was small. It measured 11 X 11. The "kitchen" took up a mere 3 X 8 feet against the wall ...... and that included the stove. There was a window above the sink, so you can see that cupboards were minimal.

But, the bathroom has been a thorn in my side. Last summer my shy granddaughter whispered to her Daddy that she did not want to take a shower in Gramma's bathroom, because it was dirty. It really was that bad. I had spent most of a day scrubbing the offensive tub before they arrived. I am not a miracle worker!

I have been known to make up lyrics to songs. For a month I have been singing "All I want for Christmas is a handi-capped comode...." Really, ever throw your back out, or been really, really sore from some chore like weeding? Well a higher seat on the toilet would be very welcome. Of course he, who has indicated that I am not a great singer, realized that I also wanted a new tub and vanity to go with it.

I have been about the business of gathering all the necessary components for the re-do. I found a bath tub on Craig's list. I have had it for almost 3 years. Last year we bought the vanity and sink. The faucets are here and I looked at tile and have decided to re-use the tile I removed from the wall for the shower area. I already have some bead board from another project for the walls that had been tiled.

Just waiting for strong man to be as ready as I am. He awoke this past Saturday and announced that he was going to do the entire bathroom in just two days. He had a plan. I reminded him that we needed to be ready to put all the components into the space in a certain order. After removing everything, the tub should be put in place, then the floor, followed by the most important component of the bathroom. The toilet. I can brush my teeth in the kitchen, I can even give myself a sponge bath in the kitchen.

We have the campground facilities we can use. I can go out the door and into the cold air and enter the facilities to shower, if I choose.But ......... I refuse to trek out side in the middle of the night to pee! So, for this reason, I cautioned the man to be sure he was ready to move quickly after taking up the toilet. You may note that it is Monday. I never thought it would be done by bed time Sunday. We have made use of the showers in the public facilities.

 I have wondered for all these years what we would find under all that fiberglass. Hickory nuts. No, there is not a tree in the bathroom. This means some critter has been dining under the tub. I choose to believe that these are very, very old!

 I find it interesting that there was ceramic tile in the shower area at one point. It looks like it was applied directly on the Sheetrock. We found no mold or mildew. That was a surprise!

 The old medicine cabinet will have to stay until I find one I like. The frame can be painted. I can live with it. What am I saying ....... I do live with it!

 New switch and outlets. The old one wouldn't hold the plugs. Easy to fix, but we kept putting it off until the big re-do. The hole there will be storage. The 2 X 4's are true and this will afford 4" of valuable space.

 See those 2 X 4's on the floor? The tub was on those. I knew I was standing on something, just never knew what. I had pictured a drain in the concrete floor, but, the tub was draining into that white pipe on the right.

 Yes, the lights will be changed! I bought the new fixture over a year ago. As lovely as this one is ......

 So, since the space is small, I have been staying out of the way. I knew we would run into unexpected surprises along the way with the plumbing. But, why did he remove the toilet this late in the afternoon? He could have removed the old vanity and I would have cared little. The sun is setting!

What will happen in the middle of the night when I head for the toilet and it is not there? Squat? Remember I want a tall toilet. I am too old and stiff for such shenanigans, I tell you!


Mamma has spoken said...

I guess be glad that he didn't hand you a bed pan :o/
I want to see after photos when it's complete! Well when it gets to the point where he who fixes thinks it's done ;o)

Whitney Lee said...

Oh, man! I get up a couple of times a night to pee so I feel your pain on this front. But when all is said and done I am betting you feel it is worth it. And I really don't know why you'd like a new light fixture...that one has such personality!
I can't wait to see the next set of pictures!

Brian Miller said...

ugh..i hate bathroom repairs...i cant wait to see the back side of this...and i know you as well...smiles.

Kathy G said...

I'd find something to use as a chamber pot before I went outside in the middle of the night :-)

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

I do not know how I would cope with no toilet as I have to get up at least twice a night to go.

SkippyMom said...

Oh poor you Kathy! I hope you get your toilet back soon. I wouldn't know what to do and I definitely wouldn't want to go outside.

And the higher toilets? Are an absolute gift! I have never been happier than when I got one. [that sounds so silly, but for people that don't need one...well....they're great!]

Lorenza said...

Going outside to pee... does not sound funny!
I hope you already have your toilet installed!
Kisses and hugs

Linda O'Connell said...

Your blog is a delight. Those tall toilets are a fright. I almost fell off one at my son's home. It's like riding a bike that is too tall for me. My feet must touch the ground! I need to be grounded. Oh jeeze, I sound like the furthest thing from grounded, don't I?

Joanne said...

Oh, dear. This is my friend Ann's house and what he who is her husband did to her downstairs bathroom. In June. Still gutted when I visited in November, and she had 11 guests arriving and relying on the one way upstairs bathroom!

Sextant said...

Home remodeling always has a scary looking phase.

Hope all goes well.