Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big Wheels Keep On Turning

Since my last post, I noticed a lot of questions in my comments. I would answer with a comment myself and actually started to...... but it turned into a rather lengthy one, so I decided to just do a new post.

The area above the cab is another bed. They would tell you that this coach sleeps eight. I guess it could in a pinch, but I would not want to be the one assigned to anything other than the queen bed. The over the cab bed is okay for the young agile crowd, but not so much for a weak bladdered lady of a certain age. The booth also makes a bed with the table lowered for support, but like the couch bed, you wouldn't be able to stretch out without your feet hanging off at some point. I guess kids could sleep there.

Now you saw the size of the booth. I suppose 4 people could sit there and eat..... as long as you don't throw a lefty in the mix. Here is my question to the manufacturer who touts this as sleeping eight......... Where do you feed these eight travelers? And, come on people, one toilet? This size will be just right for us.

Our previous home on wheels was a 40 foot class A with two slides. It had every luxury you would expect. We lived in it until we moved into the accommodations that went with the campground. It was tight, but we were comfy enough. Back then we traveled with four dogs. We had the two Dachshunds that will be going along now and a Collie and a St. Bernard. The Collie was nervous and would not sit down until we were about an hour into the trip. The Saint was a wonderful traveler, but she dominated the space. The little dogs like to ride in my lap.

About traveling with dogs..... Always take water that they are accustomed to, or buy drinking water for them. NEVER change the brand of dog food on a trip. This can be disastrous and result in excessive diarrhea. Now, this is bad enough with the little dogs, but you do not want to have this happen with the big ones. It can turn out to be an effective way to quell your appetite, lest you be tempted to eat a lot of junk while riding!

If you are looking into purchasing anytime in the near future, I would suggest looking at used models and doing a lot of research as to the blue book value before you purchase. It is almost like buying a home and a lot of my campers have traded up. Keep in mind that you may not even enjoy this lifestyle, so always keep resell value in mind. Craig's list is a good place to look. Most folks are honest and have done their homework on the value, too. Remember the Ford dealer in Kansas City was doing a bait and switch on us. Another good place to look is a campground. We have sold quite a few units for folks that have needed to sell theirs for one reason or another. Unfortunately, we had nothing here at the time we needed one. We will be selling ours after we make a couple of trips.

This trip will be the first for Wall-E. He is going on two and is still very nervous in the car. He will no doubt have a lot to blog about upon his return. My grandson, Gavin, is his boy and he tries to post a letter to him at least once a week. He possesses a sweet personality for such a homely little guy. I am growing quite attached to him. I am happy to take my animals with us. It will lessen my anxiety and they are a great comfort. I read somewhere that stroking a cat or dog can bring your blood pressure down. I don't know if it is true, but it does have a calming effect on everyone I know.

So, I am off to start gathering the clothes we will wear, as I jot endless lists of last minute items that cannot be forgotten.


lifein3dee said...

Traveling with dogs is an experience, but like you, I couldn't leave mine behind. And they ARE calming.

ellen abbott said...

Relax and just let it all flow. It will be easier on you, I think, with your own familiar surroundings (even if it is an RV with dogs).

Sandi McBride said...

Sounds like an RV is second home to you no matter what size it is, Kathy. I never minded traveling with my dogs...or cats, for that matter...can't wait to hear what the Grandboy thinks of all this.

The Good Cook said...


thanks for the buying tips. We have always rented, but will buy in the future as our "dream" is to do a year of travel (if I can ever convince TBHITW to retire) one day... so far as traveling with pets - I wouldn't dream of leaving my Holly Bear behind. All 100 pounds of her - she has already been to Michigan, Pennsylvania, upstate Ny and will be going back out midwest over the holidays - you know the saying, "Love me, love my dog"... TGC

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I ache at the thought of leaving my two dogs when I leave them! So, we take holidays here in the Uk and they come with us. They make us walk further and longer than we would if they were not with us. We have found they are amazingly patient travellers as long as we stope every hour or so to let them stretch their legs. Yes your dogs will be a comfort. Safe trip.

Meggie said...

Thankyou Kathy, you answered my question. My cousin & her husband bought a converted bus -very large, size of a greyhound coach. It had been converted to a comfy motor home, & she suffered from claustrophobia, so she could never have slept above a cab!
I do hope you have a great trip, & your dogs are happy. Part of the reason we dont go anywhere now, is our dogs. Gom cannot bear to put them in a Boarding Kennel.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

I miss having a pet. My last dog was such a sweetheart. I inherited her from my son when he moved out on his own. Hopefully, we will soon know if we can buy this new house and then, my good hubby-buddy says I can have another dog.

Now, all I have to do is figure out how to work my little dog into the house. :-)

~ Yaya

Yaya's Changing World