Thursday, September 19, 2019

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep

I am so happy this day is over! Had a super productive day yesterday. Got all the mowing done and transplanted about 100 mum seedlings and still had time to bake a cake and make a pizza. Checked the app on my phone to find that I had walked 12,733 steps, or 4.9 miles. 

You would think that I would be tired enough to sleep, but I was still up at 3:30 this morning looking for something to make me sleep. My mind would not close down. I went to bed and finally drifted off. I have no idea how long I slept before Martha, the boy cat, still inside for whatever reason, decided to pounce on Eddie and wake me.

Note, I said that Eddie's yelp woke ME. HeWho is oblivious to his surroundings when sleeping, grunted, and turned over. He slept on, while I struggled to recapture my dream. I was up by 8 to tend to doggie bladders. I toyed with the idea of crawling back in bed. Instead I decided to cancel my plans for grocery shopping and stay here.

It was pleasant outside, a light wind and overcast. I walked out to clip the huge spent sunflower from it's stalk and ended up weeding around the fence that contains the pool. Since I chose to stay home, HeWho "needed" to make a trip to Walmart for new tires. He took off with Kevin and they spent half the day waiting on the tires. He did bring me a meatless whopper from the Burger King. My big reward. Ended up being my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Indigestion for dessert.

I will admit that I have been less than pleasant to be around and was happy to be left to my own devices. I stayed outside as long as I could after the clouds blew over and sun shone down with a vengeance, then I came in, hoping to have a nap. I half-dozed while listening to Hot Bench dole out some justice. Then went back outside to attend to more gardening chores. 

I dragged the hose across the parking lot to water my fledgling mums while I transplanted more plants and strung some fairy lights in one of my gardens. Sometimes I wish I was invisible, even though it was past closing time and I was intent on my task, I was hunted down. For quarters. I was on my way back in to the office to fulfill the quarter order when I saw that someone had run over the connection of two hoses and the parking lot was flooded, while the mums were dry.

Annoyed, I turned off the water and gathered up my hoses. I decided to call it a day and come inside and get showered. I got the water going and wet my hair. I applied the shampoo and had the bottle in  my hand, the lid between my teeth when suddenly there was NO hot water. I was not expecting ice water to cascade down my back.

I gasped and the man who never hears anything demanded to know "what's wrong?". I was trying to get my hands free to get to the shower head. He kept demanding an answer, so I yelled at him while still holding the cap to the shampoo bottle in my mouth. 

I am so happy the day is over and now I am going to bed. Maybe I will sleep, maybe I won't.


Val said...

That shower incident gave me a chill!

River said...

I have never had that happen to me in the shower. I have had the coolish water suddenly get too hot when a nearby toilet got flushed. I've had indigestion for dessert a time or too also.

Linda O'Connell said...

Yikes! I felt that chill! You are the most dedicated gardener, and busiest woman I know. Retirement...ever?