Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Taste Of Celery

Despite feeling pretty crappy, life goes on and I had to fill the shelves left bare after the holiday weekend. The main item I needed was an air filter for my mower. Usually the job of HeWho, obtaining parts and installing them, I voluteered to go get one after he failed to find one in our tiny town.

He was busy, after all. Digging up the sewer pipe at the shower house. We limped through the weekend without the men's side. Thank goodness for the one stall on the main building.

Did I really want to go to Walmart? No. But who am I to stop a sewer excavation? Last time my car was used, it was for a trip to the hospital for Kevin and Alex and HeWho drove. I dispatched him to get all of his crap out of my car and make sure their was plenty of fuel, then to start the car and turn the air on. I wash his clothes and cook his food!

But I am off track again. For whatever reason, people will ask me for help while shopping. No, I do not have a blue or yellow vest on sporting a name tag. Maybe I just look like someone who knows a lot. While that is true, I don't know everything ... yet.

I was looking in the spices for celery salt. It is one of those spices I always keep on hand. But I have been unable to find it lately. While carefully reading all the labels, even though they would appear to be in alphabetical order, I heard a woman ask where she could find vanilla extract. since it was right there in the same area, I pointed it out.

After a couple of minutes of unsuccessfully searching for my celery salt, I heard her again. She wanted to know where she could find one that did not contain alcohol. Is there such a thing? I thought all extracts had alcohol in them. Maybe the imitation extract, but that label showed alcohol, as well. She was making Rice Krispie treats. Healthy ones, she said. Once again, I wonder if there is such a thing and why it would matter if there was alcohol in the extract. Is she using the entire bottle?

I didn't voice my questions out loud. But she was quick to exclaim that she had NEVER heard of celery salt. I have always had a small can in my spice rack for my entire married life and I promise, it really exists!


dkzody said...

I know about celery salt. It's used in uncured meats, or as my husband calls them, sick meats!

Joanne Noragon said...

Yes, I hope you find it. My mother always had it. I haven't felt the need for it, yet.

Val said...

I've heard of celery salt, but never used it. I thought Rice Krispie treats were just the cereal and marshmallows. Never made them, either!

River said...

I know celery salt well, I used to add it to stir fried veggies. I'm sure there's plenty in our supermarkets if you fancy a quick trip downunder. I wonder why the woman is objecting to the alcohol content? Most things are extracted using alcohol in some way. The alcohol burns off in the cooking of anything, leaving just the flavour of vanilla or whatever extract flavour you buy.

Linda O'Connell said...

I just bought uncured hot dogs which means they have no nitrates or nitrites, but are "cured" with celery salt. That reminds me, I need vanilla! You have a friendly approachable face or a no-it-all expression? LOL

luksky said...

Celery salt in spice rack is a staple too. Healthy rice crispy treats? Now that's an oxymoron for sure.