Friday, September 6, 2019

Celery Salt Is In The House!

I woke early and prepared for a trip to the grocery in town. A meat sale was in progress and I was still in need of the elusive celery salt I have been searching for.

It is Friday, the busiest day of the week for campgrounds. Since I needed only a few things, I was sure I would return before I was needed in the office. While at Walmart earlier in the week, I did not get a few things, as the shelves were bare. Not only that, despite the fact that the store was not that busy with shoppers, it was hard to navigate the grocery section with all those big shelves of blue bins on wheels blocking aisles. 

Personally, I would not want someone else choosing my groceries for me, especially the produce. I arrived home only 10 minutes later than the store was to open. Unloaded the car and escaped to the kitchen to repackage all the meat. And put the celery salt I found for a mere 99 cents on the spice rack. 

I headed to the freezer with my meats all packaged for 2 people. I was all set to rotate the stuff to the front of the freezer while putting the just purchased items in the back. This is when I discovered that the freezer was not working properly. The stuff was cold and the compressor was on, but some items were thawed.

This turn of events was just uncalled for!! I took the still frozen items to the ice cream freezer in the store and threw away all the questionable items. Took several trips to the dumpster and lots of rearranging in the ice cream freezer to put all my stuff behind the ice cream.

HeWho mows was doing just that. I texted him " freezer died, so I emptied it and put good stuff in store freezer, tossed the rest and unplugged it" He replied "OK, be right there." For what? Did he think I needed help. Or maybe he wanted to check to see if I did it right? Congratulate me?

I could almost hear a deep, put upon, poor me sigh as he texted that he would be "right there". Just imagine his happiness at not having to lift a finger to assist me. I even cooked a decent meal! It has been slow today. No complaints from me. I even had the opportunity to change our sheets and vacuum the entire house and the store. 

I am thinking it is a good time to change my store hours. Do I really need to be here until 9 pm? I usually change my hours after October, but where is it written that I can't do it now?


Joanne Noragon said...

Change them this very minit! You have my permission. I hope the freezer repair is minimal!

Val said...

It's great that you have the ice cream freezer. Maybe you can branch out into selling meat!

River said...

Freezer dies is not something anyone wants to hear, ever! I hope it is easily and quickly fixed.

RunNRose said...

I hope you didn't have to throw out too much! I vote that you change the store hours immediately. I think finding a campground store open til 9:00 would be extremely rare in September! Hope your freezer is fixable. I wish mine were organized enough that I could just move the older stuff to the front!