Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Really Big Surprise

I am dragging today, just can't seem to get motivated. The main part of the ceiling is complete. I love it. It looks amazing. Of course my eyes fly to the little imperfections, but over-all, it turned out as I had imagined it. HeWho is now inspired to continue into the kitchen. I won't be discouraging him.

Today I was hoping to finish the small area of ceiling in what used to be the pantry. The fridge has a home there now. A small cabinet left over from all the kitchen cabinets I bought on Craigslist when we did the kitchen is beside the fridge. He Who built a tall deep cabinet in the little space on the other side of the fridge.

Not exactly to my specifications. I wanted one that would make use of that space that would have shelves that would easily pull out and hold all my pantry items. I enunciate my words and am really good at giving directions ..... to anyone else. HeWho always has that annoyed look as he says, "What do you mean?" I even showed him a detailed picture on Pinterest. I have the cabinet, three shelves that are really deep and stationary. I can insert the entire length of my arm and not touch the back. The cabinet doors he constructed do not want to close ......

Anyhoo, since the fridge and this makeshift cabinet stick out so far, I had trouble reaching the ceiling all the way to the back wall. I was rolling it and hoping the roller handle would give my arm the extra length it needed. So, there I was up on my favorite step stool, pondering my situation. Hot air rises and I was sweating. A taller ladder would not fit in the area and I needed just a few inches to be able to get to the corners. I really wish I had one of those ladders they use to stock shelves in Walmart.

I decided that if I couldn't add a step to the step stool, I would need to put the stepstool on a platform. I grabbed a small shelf unit I had taken off a wall and laid it on the floor. It was only about 4 inches thick, so I put a couple of 2" thick boards under it and a cabinet door on top. My step stool just fit atop all that. AND I STILL COULDN'T REACH THE BACK CORNERS!

HeWho finished it for me, but I am still annoyed with myself! I had wanted to get all the caulking done and paint the walls while it dried. That will have to happen tomorrow. I have finished 3 of the walls in our "living/dining room". The trim work is next. I painted the walls a light gray and all the trim will be white. 

I haven't told HeWho is outside trying to dig through frozen ground and rock with a pick axe, but I have found some new chairs for this area. Actually, a reclining love seat. He doesn't really need to know until it is delivered after all the painting is done. It will be a surprise when he has to haul it in and put it together. A really big surprise.


Val said...

WHEW! I was biting my nails, fearing that your "platform" ladder was going to come to no good end. Stop doing crap like that! If you get hurt, HeWho will be the one taking care of you!

Joanne Noragon said...

A surprise and a big treat.