Wednesday, January 10, 2018

OH, The Drama

So, yesterday's annoying phone call turned into a day long event. Not that I ventured out to interact. I never took my nightgown off and dressed. I am sick, haven't you heard?

I dispatched my man-servant (aka HeWho) to address the issue. He found the local constabulary already in attendance trying to reason with the parties. The one that no longer lives here had "loaned" her camper to her brother. She wanted to retrieve her personal belongings, but was being turned away by her daughter, who lives in another camper. This is what prompted the call to me. I told her to call the sheriffs office for assistance. 

I suppose she took my advice. The lot rent was 5 days late on said camper and that is really all I cared about. As long as you pay your rent and follow my rules, I don't have issue with you. I do not want to be your new best friend, I do not want to take care of your children or be privy to your various relationship issues. I do not want to hear your excuses for not paying your rent on time, while you tell me about the great vacation you just had.

That is not to say that some of my tenants have become very good friends that I value greatly. The people I choose to surround myself with are my choice. 

There was some screaming and profanity involved, some towards the deputy. Had I been well and gone down there myself, I would have solved the entire problem and asked him to haul the entire lot of them off my property. Disturbing the peace ..... my peace! HeWho was dispatched is more of an onlooker. 

In the melee, the older woman slipped on the ice and fell. An ambulance was dispatched to take her to a hospital and the husband of the daughter of the woman could not be bothered to finish his day at work. He said he had to take her to the hospital. 

It did break the day up and make me tired enough to doze awhile in my chair before going to bed. I was still in the same nightgown as I shuffled off to bed. No, I did not take a shower. I was shivering all day and the thought of taking my clothes off was not appealing. Remember my last hospital stay was for 4 days with no shower. It won't kill me to skip a day, didn't kill me to skip 4, did it?


Joanne Noragon said...

I spent a week in WI, and totally disentangled myself from the drama here. In my absence it has simmered to nothing, like it was made up of.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh the drama! I hope the problem remedied itself, and I also hope grandma doesn't try to sue you for the tumble on ice. Sometimes it's just that kind of day...a night gown day. Hope you feel better soon.

Val said...

Wow. I guess now you are expected to be the law, too. Maybe you need a 10-gallon hat, and a gun belt to strap over your nightgown.

Polly said...

I think there's something quite liberating about not showering for a few days! When you're ill it's enough to just be, no need to complicate it with having to take warm clothes off to shower. Hope you feel better soon.