Saturday, January 13, 2018

Master Of Procrastination

Still coughing and waiting patiently for my new health insurance card to arrive. I must be getting better, though. HeWho is beginning to annoy me.

I may have mention a time or two that I am married to the master of procrastination. He likes to purchase the supplies for a project, then listen to me "encourage" him to at least start the project. Sometimes, like when I am too sick to care, I just let it go.

In his defense, he is always fixing things around the park. Of course, I am quite certain that if he would listen to his wife and do things her way, he would have a lot less to deal with.

I am starting to go a little stir crazy here, so while the weather was so nice this week, I joined him on a trip to a builder's supply store. We were on a mission to replace the back door. The door that needs a new everything. The door is fine, but the door jamb is not, the sill is not. HeWho knows things said it would be cheaper (meaning easier) to replace the entire unit. So, I researched ready to hang doors on line and found one I liked.

I knew I had to go with him, lest he get the wrong one and pay too much. Like men everywhere he did not want to ask for help and was going to pay about $50 more for a door I didn't want. I insisted that I had made sure it was in stock in that store. I was right and we got the door. I even got to go out to eat! Then I got sick in the store and felt pretty crappy. But it was great to get out of here for awhile.

This was Tuesday. Yesterday, HeWho installs my doors ripped away all the trim from the existing door in preparation to hang the new one. So, now, I have an old door with no trim, leaving big gaps for cold air to come in and the weather has taken a turn for very cold and windy. The new door is somewhere in the infamous barn. Things tend to get lost in there and I just heard the TV tell me that the "feel like" temp is 4. FOUR.

I will be researching door installations ....  


Val said...

You need a comfy old baby blue sweatshirt, and a knit cap with ear flaps and tie tassels!

Joanne Noragon said...

Your eternal endurance is astounding.

luksky said...

Buying things for repair and never using them must be a man thing. My husband does the same thing. I think the idea of buying something is a lot more appealing than actually using the thing they buy.

Linda O'Connell said...

Hang a quilt over the doorway and tell him when the door gets installed he can have the quilt for his bed covers. I hate winter. Did I ever say that? Girl, you better get to a doctor. This has been hanging on too long.