Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Snapshots From The Wedding

A selfie lesson from Leah. I still don't have it!!

My daughter, Jill. She is usually without make-up and it has been years since I have seen her hair pulled back ...... I didn't recognize my own child!!

Jill's twin, Jeff and granddaughter, Zara. Jill looks like her dad and Jeff looks like my dad. Zara is getting a head start on the dancing .... she danced all night and was still going strong when I left.

The kids waiting for their turn at picture time. Gavin, Jada, Maya and Zara, a blur of energy in the back.

Granddaughter Layla, putting lashes on her mom.

Like her own mother, Jill needs her daughter to help with the lashes.

Bridesmaid, Alysa, getting ready for the big event. Alysa is one of the bride's oldest friends. Love that girl!

The bride and her niece share a hug.

The Father of the bride, taking my picture as I take his picture through the window. This is before he put on the tuxedo that turned him into a millionaire.

The memory roses for the grandparents watching from heaven.

Just a few of the 421 pictures I downloaded from my phone! Finally got the devices to communicate after I whined about it to my son. He is a good son.


Kathy G said...

Lovely photos all around!

I'm not a very good selfie taker, either. I never know where to look, and end up with a weird look on my face.

Val said...

Behind the scenes on the big day! Love it!

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh those memory making moments. The bride is beautiful and well, I don't know about the millionaire man, but you look pretty snazzy yourself. Hope you enjoy this warm sunny day at the campground.