Sunday, October 18, 2015

I Like Color

He Who builds is working on the platform for the toddler slide. This is a work in progress. Steel bars have been attached since this to secure the rails.

The slide is the same one I attached to our deck stairs in Minnesota because Layla, who was not quite three wanted me to. When He, Who sometimes questions my judgment, pointed out that I would be leaving unsightly holes on that particular step, Layla turned her sweet little face to him and batted those big brown eyes and he agreed that we should definitely secure that slide to the steps for her. It will now have a new life.

The climbing structure is tropical, don't you think? the colors are Key Lime and Seaside by Rustoleum. These colors just make me happy!
I already had the blue and I just went with it.
More weeds to pull and gravel to come, but this is the playground project dedicated to my Dad's memory. More pictures to come.


Joanne Noragon said...

This is fantastical. Kids will love you.

Val said...

Even my knee that is sore from the flu shot is itching to get out there! The colors look great.

luksky said...

Happy Colors. I love the colors.

ellen abbott said...

looks great. and I like all the bright colors.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh the little ones will have so much fun. I also like bright colors. This playground is so welcoming. keep the big kids away!

joanne said...

how sweet and touching the dedication to your dad. That is the happiest looking play area I've ever seen, love the different colours. You have a great eye for whimsy.