Monday, October 26, 2015


He Who shares my bed swears that he never dreams. I am of the opinion that he does, he just doesn't remember them. He doesn't remember things I tell him, so why would he remember a dream?

Unfortunately(or fortunately), I do remember mine. Not in sequence, mind you, but piece meal. And never when I expect to. I can be going along with my day when I will suddenly remember something from a dream. This causes me to try very hard to remember the whole of the piece. This will sometimes lead to a headache.

Sometimes I can remember, in vivid detail, the dream I am having as I wake and I will try to go back to sleep to recapture the dream. Doesn't work, but I try. I always wonder what the dream means. There are days when I probably give too much time to my life in dreams.

Lately, my dad has been in my dreams more often than not. No mystery there. He is also in my waking thoughts. He is usually young and vibrant in my dreams. I find this oddly comforting until I wake and remember that he is gone. Could be why some days, I just long for bedtime.

My old guy, Oscar, continues to make sleep difficult. I did not imagine that he would out-live my dad, but he is still here. After his little wife-dog, Emmy died almost 5 years ago, he seemed to lose interest in things that had been important to him. As a puppy he discovered balls and would play endlessly. The ball of the moment would accompany him everywhere he went. In the food bowl while he ate, in the bed while he slept and in his mouth or a person's hand, or in the air the rest of the time.

Now he whines and whimpers and sometimes just sits looking at a bare wall and barks. The vet has determined that he is not in pain, but has doggy dementia. He usually starts with the whining at 4 AM. He Who sleeps without dreams does not hear this. I do. I get up. I take him out. I feed him. I hold him and try to comfort him. Sometimes these things will soothe him enough that he will lay back down and let me sleep until 6:30 or even 7:00. This is when I dream my most vivid dreams.

This is when I wake with my mouth open, but not drooling. This is why my TMJ drives me nuts during my waking hours. My other joints fare no better than my jaw, as I tend to take any space left in my bed that another furry creature has not commandeered as their own. They seem to slip into the warm spot I have vacated and refuse to move when I return. This could be why I am really crabby when I get up. This could be why I would rather live in my dreams ........ 


Linda O'Connell said...

My husband swears he doesn't dream either, but the flailing arms and legs and incoherent mumbling means dream to me. Maybe your dad is trying to bring you comfort. You have had to deal with a lot. Hugs to you.

Joanne Noragon said...

Carpe cubile (sieze the bed)! Oh, wait, the dogs already did.

luksky said...

I'm a dreamer too. I remember my dreams every morning when I wake up and actually look forward to going over them in my head before I get out of bed.

I once read that people who remember their dreams and dream vividly are considered more creative than those who don't have good dream recall.

Val said...

I remember mine, mostly. I used to have them about my mom every night before we were scheduled to box up the stuff in her house. I don't have them so often now. Maybe once every week or two.

Last night I had one about my grandma (my dad's mom), the rock-hound, getting a crystal for my son to use for money to give his grandma (my mom) a gift. I remember it specifically, the pink glow of the crystal as she chipped it loose with a triangular metal hammer (like a doctor uses on your knee reflex), and Grandma saying, "This one is worth at least $300 dollars." I knew the name of the rock, too, but that faded away through the day.

I tend to agree with Linda. They come in dreams as they're needed.

ellen abbott said...

lately I have not bee remembering my dreams. I know I am having them and they are long and complex but when I wake the first conscious thought blows them completely out of my mind.