Friday, October 16, 2015

Plant A Tree Or Two

While Fall may be my favorite time of year, it is also one of the busiest times of the year. Spring is all about fixing anything that winter has broken and getting the park ready for business. Fall is about getting the park ready to bed down for the winter.

We have made great progress in the playground. The slide is up and most of the safety rails are up. I might provide the inspiration for much of the construction, but we end up back tracking on things that don't turn out to be as sturdy as they need to be. 4 X 4's and decking create the base, but before even thinking about the side rails, we sawed the 4 X 4's off and placed the platform atop them. I had a great idea for the safety rails, using 2 X 4's, PVC and a hole bit for the drill. Red, yellow and blue on the pipes and green on the wood. Looks great, but not as sturdy as we want. He Who implements my ideas muttered something about a drill press and some steel bands this morning and left.

I went out and continued mulching my baby trees and planting more. I discovered 3 baby sycamores and have located new homes for them. It is so dry here, I had to water the ground before I could dig, then leave the water trickling on them after I planted. I worked on trees all morning and listened to an audio book about Jane Austin. Now I am speaking with a British accent. It would appear that as the clock strikes 11 o'clock, I must make haste to the office for my time of confinement.

I will be here until 9 pm. I will be just busy enough to keep me here and not busy enough for the time to go by quickly. I will be lettering signs for the park in my "down" time. Tomorrow, I will be here for 12 long hours. If I get too bored I will follow people out the door still talking as they make their escape. I have been told that I talk a lot.

Supposed to have our first frost this weekend. My tomato plants hang heavy with green fruit and I am still picking green beans. I have no less than 10 watermelon babies out there and I discovered a cantaloupe this morning. If only I had a green house. I am toying with some ideas for the plants that are still producing. He Who does my bidding is not going to want to hear those ideas. He will, no doubt, tell me that my ideas are impossible. But, that is what he said about the playground and the kitchen cabinets and so many other things. I just need to make him think the idea is his.

So, here I am waiting for the arrival of this weekend's campers. Who knows what they will do to inspire me to write?


dkzody said...

I like all of your activity. Sounds like things are keeping you busy and occupied, a good state of affairs.

Val said...

Tuck in a your plant babies with a blanket!

Linda O'Connell said...

You have discovered a woman's universal truth: let him think it is his idea. :)

ellen abbott said...

we plant trees here in February. I have a purple orchid tree and a red bud tree in pots waiting.