Friday, July 10, 2015

Who's On First?

One of the things about assigning sites that annoys me the most is people who decide to just take any site they choose. If I want you to choose your site, I will tell you so.

There is nothing quite so irritating as assigning a site, only to have the camper call you to let you know that someone is in the site. They will go on to tell you that they have taken another site ..... and that particular site is reserved.

If that isn't bad enough, you text your partner in business (aka He Who) and ask who is in the site you assigned, only to have to enter into a texting marathon of idiotic proportions.

Me: "Who is in 33?"
He Who: "Looks like there going to n  awhile."
Are you confused? I'm not. I am used to his language skills.
Me: "I don't remember putting anyone in 33. I was trying to put the folks that just came in there, but it was occupied, so they went to 32. So, who is in 33?"
He Who: "I don't no."
Me: "Okay, WHAT is on 33?"
He Who: "California plates."

At last, some real information that I can work with! Problem solved, I now know who is supposed to be on 33 and who isn't supposed to be on 33. I spell all my words correctly and I use punctuation. So, why is his answer always so confusing?


Val said...

That's his job. He's a man.

Joanne Noragon said...

Wow! You are a decipherer extraordinaire.

luksky said...

My "he who" likes to communicate with me by texting. I hate texting. I would much rather make a quick call that gets to the point. My "he who" can't spell worth a flip or use grammar properly, so I cringe and force myself not to correct him when he texts me. I understand your pain.