Thursday, July 23, 2015

Telephones Revisited

I know, I had sworn off telephone calls, but .......

This past Saturday we received a call from Roadway Assistance inquiring about a site for a motorhome for a few days. The motorhome was having some tire issues and we were told they would be towed in shortly. This was early afternoon and He Who happened to be inside took the call.

I kept a space open for the disabled motorhome and went about my day as usual. As closing time approached, I mentioned that the towed motorhome had not arrived. I closed anyway, having had a long 12 hour day and went on to bed after completing all my chores that are associated with owning an RV park.

I was sleeping soundly when the phone rang and jolted me out of my slumber. It was 3:25 am. Nothing good can come of a phone call at that hour and my heart was racing. It was the man in the motorhome calling to make a reservation. I told him that I had already held a spot for him. Then he wanted to chat, asking about rainfall and such and then asked if I needed his credit card #.

I was in bed. I don't normally take reservations at that hour. I told him that I was sleeping when he called and that we could just take care of it in the morning. I gave him the site number and instructions on how to find it, adding that a map was on the front of the office building.

Did I go back to sleep? Of course not. I was annoyed. Phone calls at that hour scare me, with my dad's condition. The adrenaline rush had me wanting to crawl out of my skin. I finally dozed a bit, then got up at my regular time. I went outside for about 30 minutes while the coffee brewed and pulled some weeds. I did not take the phone out, as I had planned to toss a bag of trash into the dumpster and come right back in. Then I saw a weed and one led to another and another and I was intoxicated with my mission to eradicate all the weeds from that one section of my garden.

The message light was blinking when I came back in. Same man telling me that he was still waiting for a tow, but would be here soon. I awoke He Who used to tow and sent him to check it out, since the man had told me he was at my exit in his pre-dawn call.

He Who does my bidding arrived just in time to see the tow truck taking the motorhome to my competitor across the highway! Really. Wake me up and I manage to maintain a pleasant countenance, then deprive me of the revenue. Really!! Now I wish I had taken the credit card # and charged him.


Val said...

Maybe he's squatting at that site number, but at your competitor, and swears he gave them his credit card info in the early morning hours.

Linda O'Connell said...

My bet is he's arguing with the proprietor. "I did too call you and you told me..." How aggravating for you.