Saturday, July 11, 2015

Need Help?

Again with the texting ...... It is supposed to hit the 90's today along with high humidity and it makes the 60,000 gallons of water contained in my pool look mighty inviting. I did manage to water my potted plants and get a little weeding done before my confinement in here.

I can do other things as long as I am close to the desk and phone. Sometimes an hour will go by without the door opening, but then they all seem to come at once. A party of five children came in for snocones, just as a group of people come in full of questions, while two little girls wonder what their dollars will buy. Someone else enters to check in and I am still answering questions and telling the snocone children to be choosing their flavors.

The newest camper orders a bundle of wood and the snocone mom tells me to keep her change for a bundle of wood also. This is when I remember that I have already checked in another tenter who paid for wood. He Who chops wood and delivers was right there next to me this morning as I checked that tent in ........ this does not mean that he delivered the wood, though.

I am up to my elbows in snocones when another camper checks in and I text He Who objects to using punctuation to clarify the meaning of his text. I simply put "need help" and send it. As soon as I finish wiping the ice off myself (I may have had a little spill), I check my phone.

He has gotten my text and texted back "I got it thanks". Really, did I put a "?" behind my statement?

He was stuck in the ditch with the mower and was about to pull it out, but I could not have known this, since I can only see the parking lot from here. He still thinks he is right about assuming I was offering my services to get the mower out of the ditch ........ like that would ever happen!


Val said...

As a single-tasker, I feel your stress.

I am sure you will not be shocked to hear that my very own Hick got his new old tractor stuck in the ditch by the mailboxes Thursday evening.

joanne said...

I'm just sitting here shaking my head...