Thursday, July 2, 2015

Holiday Weekends and Floods

Holiday Weekends are the bane of campgrounds everywhere. For some reason, there is always a group or individual that seems to think the holiday is an opportunity to go berserk with antics of destruction.

I never know how to prepare for that. I always start out with as much optimism as I can muster. I confess that every year it becomes harder to do. This year has been awful for camping. I was not booked solid for Memorial Day. That was good for travelers, since I could accommodate travelers.

I am not yet booked solid this weekend. Despite that, I still made 60 burger patties yesterday. 40 hotdogs of the Oscar Meyer variety are chillin' along with the burgers. Buns and condiments have been purchased, charcoal is at the ready. I bought more kites for kids to fly. Optimism.

I have a group of temporary workers here on a monthly basis. They were supposed to be finished with their job by Memorial Day. They are still here. Hasn't been a problem until now. One of the workers occupies a site that was booked last year. The nice man has agreed to pull his rig off for the weekend, since he will be going home anyway, but I will need to compensate him for his trouble.

The unrelenting rain has washed out many a weekend so far this year. The forecast promises a sunny Fourth of July. I have many a site still up for grabs and was thinking the weekend might prove to be a small, intimate affair. I could just freeze all the leftover burgers and dogs for another day.

Optimism has it's rewards, though. Remember all that rain? I am soggy, but no flooding here. Not true for all the campgrounds near rivers. They are so flooded, they have closed. Looks like I might just fill up after all.


Joanne Noragon said...

All the livelihoods dependent on weather have taken a big hit this year. My daughter is in despair about salvaging her restaurant, which was the Talk of Cleveland for years. They literally lost November, December, January, February and March to blizzards. My friend Linda has lost three prime shows to rain. It stinks. My tax man once asked me why the current year's sales were twenty percent below the previous. "Well, Mr. Bob, that's what six solid weekends of rain will do to you!"
I feel all your pain; I hope you have a good Forth of July.

Val said...

So glad you're not flooded! Our main gravel road was underwater again this morning. Lots of ruts, but it's passable now, and least I have an alternate route to bypass the still-flooded bridges.