Friday, May 20, 2011

Peonies A Poppin'

This is my current "project". I have a big table that will seat 10. I don't have 10 chairs. I don't have room for 10 chairs. With this in mind I am always on the lookout for interesting chairs. He who knows everybody (he gets out more than me), happened upon this pew and got it for me. $50!! It needed work. It was a flat brown and it needs a support in the center. I sanded on and off for several days. The seat has some deep gouges and if I sanded them out would lose some of it's stability. So, I decided to do a dry brush of black paint, then top it off with polyurethane. I want a wipe clean surface for my grandchildren. I like the way it turned out. Now I just need some muscle to get it in the house .............. and some grandchildren to seat.

Winter was extreme this year. This maple did not fare well. It is alive, but looks so sad.

Kamp buddy Yvonne got this frog to grace my sewer pipe planter. I rescued the plant from the clearance section of dying WalMart plants.

My clematis is thriving. I was hoping it would spread more and cover the porch rail. I am happy to see the blooms, though.

There will be peaches. I just used the last bag of frozen fruit from last season. I am ready for some fresh fruit.

The last three days has brought three quarts of strawberries. Tonight we will have a fresh strawberry pie. I have no idea what the main course will be, but who cares!

I grow chives because I like the flowers! My hostas seemed to have tripled in size. They like the cold winter.

I lost my cherry tree. I am thinking we should chop it down and save it for Halloween decor. I have waited to cut it down because I want to replace it with another tree. Too bad the one I want is almost $300. I suppose I should wait until I find one on sale. I will, but I really want that Japanese Maple; really, really do.

I planted this peony last year. It was one of those clearance, about to die $1 plants from WalMart. I kind of half-heartedly stuck it in the ground. Just look at what I got!


squawmama said...

I love the pew and agree it will be a great addition to your table. Photos are fabulous!

Mamma has spoken said...

Love the idea of having a pew for table seating and I can see you using it at other places besides inside.
As for the cherry tree. SAVE THE WOOD. 'He who grills' can use it instead of charcoal and it give off a wonderful flavor to your meat. We did this with a cherry tree on my son's farm and we loved it! Or maybe sell the wood to campers who would like to grill with it.

Anonymous said...

That pew is perfect for seating. I love it.
Your peony is such a pretty color. I also love the blooms on the chives.
Hope you have a good weekend Kathy.

jojo said...

love the pew, such a great idea for the grandkids.
You certainly have the healing touch with those clearance dying dollar plants...the peonies are gorgeous!

SkippyMom said...

Oh, a peach tree. I love, love, love peach pie and I bet yours is awesome. Sigh.

Always a good day to come here and see the beauty and your talent.

The pew is great. The kids will love it.

Brian Miller said...

i think the pew is a great idea! great job on it...we scored at Lowes today...they marked down large planters to $5...

Pat said...

That pew turned out beautifully! I think it's a great idea! Your flowers are looking great and I can't believe the peaches are already out!

ellen abbott said...

I love the pew.

I'm jealous of the peaches. late freeze did in the local small orchard.

How many strawberry plants?

Sorry about the cherry tree but all the flowers are beautiful.

Whitney Lee said...

The pew rocks. You did an awesome job on it! I agree that a wipe clean surface is a must.

Your flowers look wonderful. I keep wondering if a green thumb is a learnable trait...I seem to do okay with trees, but plants often don't make it when I'm in charge. I, too, love the Japanese Maples. Alas, they are far beyond affordable for me. A couple of years ago we planted a plum tree. It gives my yard the same lovely red leaves to counterbalance all the green and was within our price range. Sometimes compromise is a must for us.

labbie1 said...

The pew turned out really great! Nice job!