Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cinco De Mayo= Happy Birthday Debbie!

Some birth dates are easier to remember than others ........... some folks are lucky. My friend, Deb, is among the lucky ones. She is also one of those special people who love to give. She always remembers others with her almost overwhelming generosity. This makes her a tough act to follow.

Here we are, at the American Girl store with our granddaughters, posing with Kanani. My lovely daughter-in-law took our picture.

I thought it would have been funny to kneel on our knees without the children, but my Jada was not going to let that happen and our guys were ready for food ......... but that is another story.

Today is my Debbie's birthday and I wish her the happiest one yet!


Kathy said...

What a great trip for a girl outing. I'm sure the little ones loved it.

Brian Miller said... that was a lot of fun!!! and i too hope she has a truly amazing birthday!!

squawmama said...

♫♪♫ Happy Birthday Debbie ♫♪♫
Looks like you had a lot of fun...

Cathy said...

Lovely pics of the four girls out on the town.
Had to google Kanani - haven't seen her down here. I did hear the sounds of many cash registers tho lol
Take care

labbie1 said...

Dang! I totally didn't know it was Deb's birthday!!!! Happy belated to Deb!