Monday, May 2, 2011

Kiley Is In The House

Kiley and Gramma Deb flew up to Minnesota to spend some time with Gavin and Gramma Kathy last month. We had a busy two days planned and Kiley (like her Gramma Deb) was in her element .......

We planned a day at Mall Of America on Saturday and Kiley went straight to Gavin's closet after dressing herself. She got his clothes out for him and he did not argue, he put them on. They both had their kampground shirts on, and because it was cold out, they had long sleeved white shirts underneath. I love me some advertising!!

All the cousins were coming, but we started the day with just Layla and Gage, along with their mom, Jill. The grammas were walking along a little slower. We were pacing ourselves for the long day ahead .......

Hmmmmm....... food. Bubba Gump means shrimp. Perhaps we should eat first. Good idea.

Nickelodeon awaits.

What did you get?

We are done, let's go!


Kathy said...

I love Gramma (I'm Nana) time. Nothing better.

Brian Miller said... the littles had a blast...and if they are like mine they eat like a hoover and expect you to as well...haha

Pat said...

A fun day with Grandma! I've never eaten at Bubba Gump's. Is it good?