Thursday, September 17, 2009

The red truck comes into the entrance drive as I watch. I am curious to see if he will the stop sign. I even had a speed bump installed. I know this guy. His nickname is Q-Tip. He has really white blond hair. I approach the truck, "Did you see that great big red sign that said STOP?" He looks at me in amazement, " When did you get a STOP sign?" he asks. "There has always been a stop sign there, but this is a new one, it is bigger."

"Do you know why there is a STOP sign there?" I ask the young man with the moniker of Q-Tip. He looks a little blankly at me. I want to urge him to pay close attention. Instead I tell him the sign is there because I want him to STOP when he enters my park. I go on to explain that there are children and bicycles in the park and that had a child been riding by when he came in he could have hit the child. "Oh.", was his reply.

Do I need a bigger sign? Lights? A gate?


ellen abbott said...

Q-Tip? And the speed bump had no effect? I would have to wonder about the IQ of a guy with a nickname like that. Probably only a gate would make that guy stop and then only after it went through his windshield. Maybe he figures if he can't get a ticket for going through it without stopping then he really doesn't have to stop.

Kathy G said...

Some people will NEVER see the sign!

scarlethue said...

A gate may not hurt, but it may also cause more problems than it solves. I don't think I'd expect more than that from a guy named q-tip though. I'm glad you were there to stop him this time.

Nancy said...

How about great big flashers??

Missy said...

Reading classes?

Driving lessons?

Free T-shirt for stopping? You know people will do anything for a free T-shirt.

Does he know people call him Q-tip?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I have given the gate idea some thought and decided they would simply drive into the grass to go around it. I would need power there for flashers or battery operated ones. And/ yes, he is proud of his name.

Kathryn said...

Some folks just won't ever get it. And, if they are very lucky tragedy will not occur as a result.

Twice in the past week i've watched folks "glide" right thru an intersection after failing to stop. We have lots of "rolling stops" here in California (which WILL gain a "failure to stop" ticket if caught) but these folks didn't even make a pretense of stopping. And it was a 4 way stop with other folks who had right of way ahead of them.

Of course, every day i see at least 2-3 folks driving while talking on the cell phone with the phone held to their ear. That has been illegal here since 1 Jan 08, but it doesn't seem to stop them.

Lots of folks drive distracted. And tragedies occur.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

You wonder how some people get dressed in the morning without help eh?! What a dimwit but these are the kind of people who when they maim or kill someone they cry for themselves because their luck ran out. How do you stay so sane?

Eddie Bluelights said...

Obviously he requires the services of Specsavers.
Some people are so unobservant or they choose to ignore road signs.
It sound as though its a bit like flogging a dead horse.
See you soon I hope ~ Eddie

lovelyprism said...

Wow. Sometimes you just have to laugh or you'll never make it through the day.